Let’s Talk Twitteresque

There, I made up a new phrase. Twitteresque. I have no idea what it means. I just like the way it sounds, and if I like it, you might like it too. I’m adopting the “Effortless” approach. You may recall I used the Social Effort Scale last week, which determined that I “try too hard” on Twitter…even though most of my activity was said to be in the “Effortless” category.

According to the feedback on individual tweets, replying with a simple, “Thanks, that’s cool!” gets a “Not Trying Hard Enough” score. However, if you add a hashtag, you may find yourself in the “Effortless” category after all. Fair enough, but doesn’t that require more effort? Just an observation.

But I got to thinking about what “Effortless” look like on Twitter, and by that I mean what does it look like on the screen? I’ve come to this conclusion. Those who do effortless best look like they don’t give a shit. The guy that rolls out of bed, half-dressed, half-asleep and says something clever like, “I don’t want to get up today….” That gets retweeted 1,027 times. I think you know what I mean.

Of course, nobody does “Effortless” better than celebrities. They probably don’t want to be on Twitter in the first place. Let’s take a look see.

Here are a few famous writers. Now, I know Stephen King finally resigned and opened a Twitter account, but I think he’s enjoying himself.


No big introductions here. Just Stephen King in a cool skeleton-with-a-guitar shirt. It’s all you need. Maybe the comfortable, scary approach would work for me. This is rock star cool.

And Neil Gaiman:


More deep cool, and cool enough to drink milk. My husband had a glass of red wine with him once. True story. Where was I? How come I didn’t get to have a glass of wine with him. Now I’m getting upset.

Speaking of wine, here’s Leo enjoying a glass:


Check out those stats. My husband says Leo follows him and even retweeted him once. Oh, sure. I’m a bit skeptical now that I see the smallish number of people that he follows, also typical of celebrities. Grumpy Cat, or some version of him, followed me. I do have that! Anyway, cheers to Leo’s 11.8M followers.

Perhaps, I should be drinking something in my profile picture. Just a thought.

And here’s someone who needs no introduction at all and only one name.


Just the one name identifier and the dogs. Lots of fluffy dogs.

Here’s her friend Ellen with a catchy intro:


Her tweets…she’s referring to the episode in Seinfeld, of course, when Elaine is in the spa, telling a woman that her boobs are real and that “…they’re spectacular.” Boobs, there. I got that in. Boobs! WordPress suggested I should write more about boobs this year in my posts. That worked out well for

me, and…that was effortless. Look at that.

So, Ellen got the flu from her friend Oprah. I’m sure you’ve all heard about it by now. It was big news on Twitter and Ellen was proud to get the flu from her. Favorited more than two thousand times. Let’s celebrate the flu, and why shouldn’t we?

Here’s another one of Oprah’s friend. Mr. Neil Patrick Harris. Incredible in Gone Girl. Did you see him? I thought he was excellent. He deserves some kind of prize.


Act some…you mean since you were four or something? Variety acts…you mean like the Academy Awards? See, effortless. And I will add, humble. And Oprah is here, and not even listed in the “Followed by” list. She’s just hanging out there. It just struck me as funny is all. Not funny?

This has been an edition of “Let’s Talk Twitteresque.” Your takeaway is simply this: If you want to appear effortless on Twitter, just be famous. Got it?

What about you? Ever had a glass of wine with a celebrity? Are you drinking a beverage in your profile pic? Have you ever had any interaction with a celebrity on Twitter? Please share.


Celebrity Sightings: Answer Revealed

I know you’re still on the edge of your seat about what happened next with Kenny Loggins. I hope you haven’t lost any sleep over it and I sincerely apologize for the delay in providing the answer.

To refresh your memory, here is the poll….

And now, drumroll….your answer…

Kenny flashed me a smile, grabbed his spinach salad with the mountain of feta, and quietly went back to his seat.

If you guessed correctly, well…uh no prizes…I hope this has brought a wonderful smile to your face. Celebrities, after all, are people like you and me. I piled on that feta, but really he probably didn’t even want it. I think this must happen a lot with celebrities. They’re given all these extras and freebies, but they are the people who need them the least of all.

I know some of you were hoping for a song. I’m sure if I would have asked him, he probably would have done it. But I realize now that you guys are too smart. You know that Kenny Loggins probably doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and would never throw a salad in my face or force his way behind the counter. I couldn’t fool you at all.

Thanks for playing.

A side note: Kenny Loggins is coming to my home town next month to play a concert. Who knew? This is a weird coincidence anyway, right? It’s not liked I owned any of his albums, but I did enjoy his duets with Stevie Nicks.

That did allow me to come out my funk momentarily, except that friends, I’m still without a computer. I know, I know how could this go on like this. I’ll explain later. I’m going through my sulking phase now…the “I can’t believe this is costing so much. Dammit!” phase. I liken the situation to car repair. You don’t have a choice and must suck it up. I will go cry now.

Seriously, thanks for all your support.

Celebrity Sightings: What Happens Next?

Fellow blogging friends, I’ve been experiencing a bout of the doldrums. I feel as though I am under some spell and I must lift myself out of it. What better way to do this than to play a little celebrity guessing game. It’s called:

Celebrity Sighting: What happens next?

This will NOT be about celebrities’ wardrobe malfunctions. Can’t they get their act together already, just zip it or button it up? If its’ too complicated then maybe they need a new outfit. I would assume they could manage to dress themselves properly or fire their stylist.

And, I’m sure we’ve heard enough about the Royals already…dear Kate, she’s beautiful, she’s thin, she’s so beautiful, oh, she’s too thin, she’s pregnant, she’s too thin to be pregnant…And Harry, poor Harry, now in rehab. I know you’ll never be king Harry, but this is no way to upstage Kate.

Hold on to your hats. It’s now time for our game. Now, this is about my own celebrity sightings, face-to-face in the flesh encounters. It’s not when celebrities are working or performing, but just in their normal everyday existence.

I once lived in Santa Barbara where many celebrities dwell. I know you’re jealous. I worked at a health food restaurant, a very casual place called, “The Main Squeeze.” Who walked in one day, but Kenny Loggins.

Perhaps, you’d like to listen to my favorite Kenny Loggins song while you cast your vote!


I will reveal the answer next week! I know until then you will be agonizing…