Katerina’s Kiosk – Friday Fictioneers

I remember this prompt, but for whatever reason I did not write a story for it. So, here's a new one from me and it's inspired by a story about Kiosks in Lisbon that I heard on NPR. See a description of the words below the story. Thanks to our fairy blog mother Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for … Continue reading Katerina’s Kiosk – Friday Fictioneers

Please Say Kaddish for Me: A Novel for Everyone

From the first page of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields's novel Please Say Kaddish for Me, I was swept up in Havah Cohen's story. I was spellbound, so much so, I didn't want to put this book down. The book is simultaneously driven by character and events at a quick pace, divided into four parts. The year is 1899 … Continue reading Please Say Kaddish for Me: A Novel for Everyone

My Blog is Three Years Old!

Happy Blogaversary to The Bumble Files!!!  Happy Birthday to my blog. My blog is three years old today!! While I ask myself where has the time gone, I also admit these three years have felt more like six years. It's not that the time hasn't flown by. Usually, when someone says something seems longer than it is, it would be … Continue reading My Blog is Three Years Old!

My Blogging One-Year Anniversary

Look at that, blogging friends. It's my One-Year Blogging Anniversary!! The truth is I'm surprised it's a year already, because I thought my anniversary was next month. Way to go, huh, not knowing when my own anniversary is. This really caught me off guard and I'm afraid I don't have anything for you to eat … Continue reading My Blogging One-Year Anniversary

Blog Reflection #3

Honestly blogging friends, I never thought I would have a blog. It was my husband who made the suggestion. Why do I need a stupid blog, I said to him. And then, I went to a job interview with an employment agency for kicks, and the recruiter said to me off the record, "You want … Continue reading Blog Reflection #3