Back from the Great Beyond

Alas, my fellow bloggers, I have returned from the Great Beyond. I have my computer back!!! Took long enough, don't ya think? I can now sit at my computer in the comfort of my home at any hour I please in whatever outfit I choose, and blog to my heart's delight. I no longer need … Continue reading Back from the Great Beyond

Ode to Dell

Technology, you are not my friend today Built-in obsolescence made in a land faraway It is their grand plan The twenty-first century scam You need a new hard drive, you say It will last a warranty and a day Replacement number two, now three Request a restore disc for a nominal fee Dell, for all … Continue reading Ode to Dell

Once Upon a Bumble: What’s in Your Writer’s Tool Kit?

Last week, we discussed our writing habits. Thank you to all who shared their tips and experiences. Indeed, it's different for everyone. Many of us still depend on our trusty notebooks. And, it looks like I'm not the only one with bad handwriting. Many of you discussed the process of thinking and writing with pen … Continue reading Once Upon a Bumble: What’s in Your Writer’s Tool Kit?