Back from the Great Beyond

Alas, my fellow bloggers, I have returned from the Great Beyond. I have my computer back!!! Took long enough, don’t ya think? I can now sit at my computer in the comfort of my home at any hour I please in whatever outfit I choose, and blog to my heart’s delight. I no longer need to muffle a laugh and pretend I”m coughing. The library folks were not amused. You laugh in the library at your own risk.

I would like to take this moment to thank you, friends, for stopping by my blog when I managed a few posts. Thank you for not abandoning me. I apologize if I was delinquent in responding to any comments. Blogging on a Smartphone is ridiculous! Possible, but not very much fun.

Thank you for the support as well. Please allow me to share some of your comments, because they are so poignant. I hope you don’t mind:

Life without a computer is like a flower without bees… Enough to make you numb… This made little sense. (No, Le Clown, this makes perfect sense!)

…alone in the wilderness of reality. (Ralph, I couldn’t have said it better.)

I went to the library to use their computers and found that equally scary. (Yes, Shalagh. I felt exactly the same way.)

All computers suck, but we can’t live without them…like cars, phones, tvs, deodorant, etc….(No doubt, Christopher. It was the pits!!)

I was an outcast, without deodorant, or honey….You know if you go on a trip without deodorant you can’t live without it. You break down and spend the three bucks and you buy it. Only I couldn’t…it was horrible, horrible, horrible….

So, now I am back from the Great Beyond, or is it….that I have returned to the Great Beyond. Hmm….

We know that I dislike Dell. This is putting it mildly, I’ll admit. So, I’m stuck with Dell, I hope, knock on wood, at least for a few more years. For those of you with Dell computers, my sympathies. I hope yours is treating you better. Of course, with a new hard drive, it’s like having a brand new computer. It’s like having a car with a brand new engine. Right?

Speaking of cars, I have always given them names. My little green car was Esmeralda; my white car, her name is Pearl. With proper maintenance, they have always performed reasonably well.

It got me thinking, maybe what I need to do is give my computer a name. You know, play nice to my computer. Talk gently to it, give it a few pats, stroke it once in a while.  No more yelling at it, no more cursing. Compliment it instead, “You’re so fast today. So zippy!” Maybe if it had a name it would be more sympathetic and take the time to know me.

After a family discussion, we decided, indeed, it couldn’t hurt. This is what we came up with:

1.  Daphne:  This was my suggestion because when I think of Daphne, I think of someone who is kind, sensible, hard-working, good natured, and fun. I once knew a Daphne, and while she was a little gossipy, she was fun.
2.  Adele:  My older son’s contribution. Adele is his favorite recording artist. Kind of cute, huh? Did you know that Adele is slated to sing the new Bond theme song? Yeah, I read it on the Internet.
3.  Stripe:  My six-year-old’s idea. Hey, why not? It reminds me of an animal, but our computer does have three vertical lines down the center of the monitor. Actually, this may be the most appropriate one.

And finally,
4.  Dalek:  Remember they are an extraterrestrial race from the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. This was Mr. Bumble’s idea. Now why we would want to name our computer after evil and hateful robots who want to take over the end of time is beyond me. Is this really a good idea? Will the computer start taking over, messing with our data and spit at us, destroy our lives? Will our computer have a complex, and by having a name with a negative connotation, in fact, become EVIL?

A 2010 redesign of the Daleks (in this case the Dalek Supreme). He looks fierce….

We need your help to sort this out. I think a poll is in order. Please take a minute to provide your best answer. It would mean the world to me. Thank you, thank you. My head is bowed.

photo credits: kern.justin via photopin cc; Wikipedia


Ode to Dell

Technology, you are not my friend today
Built-in obsolescence made in a land faraway
It is their grand plan
The twenty-first century scam

You need a new hard drive, you say
It will last a warranty and a day
Replacement number two, now three
Request a restore disc for a nominal fee

Dell, for all your lightening-speed computing
It’s your customer service that needs rebooting
On the phone 58 minutes, 4 employees, dropped calls 3
All for a restore disc? You got to be kidding me

Your mind-numbing musak infiltrates my nightmare
To do it online with my computer impaired
Dell, oh Dell
You’ve made my life hell

photo credit: Dell’s Official Flickr Page via photopin cc

Once Upon a Bumble: What’s in Your Writer’s Tool Kit?

Last week, we discussed our writing habits. Thank you to all who shared their tips and experiences. Indeed, it’s different for everyone. Many of us still depend on our trusty notebooks. And, it looks like I’m not the only one with bad handwriting. Many of you discussed the process of thinking and writing with pen and paper (or pencil) to the transition of typing these words into your computer. Some of us believe that the process of actually writing with pen and paper was more suitable for how our brains are wired. Writing longhand is a method, perhaps a dying one, that may encourage a slowed down pace for more thoughtful writing.

Of course, ultimately our final draft is in digital form. We all have a computer or we wouldn’t be in wonderful Blogland. Computers, however, may be the culprit of bad handwriting. It’s all the computer’s fault. I know I get lazy, knowing my final draft will be on the computer. So, some of us use smart phones for notes, and this comes in handy as well since our phones have become attached to us.

Another trusted companion is the good old dictionary/thesaurus which for some need to be in arm’s reach to coax the mind into writing mode. Let’s not underestimate the importance of brain mapping with sticky notes and color coding ideas. Others mentioned the importance of starting off with the right beginning and that once this is accomplished they can create freely.

Others imbibe tasty beverages before or during their writing, smoke, take walks, see the chickens, or write with dim light to help focus the mind. A few of you, I won’t mention any names, considered writing au naturale. No one admitted to writing with a snake.


Today’s Topic: What’s in Your Tool Kit? What about Scrivener

We’ve discussed tools that help us write. Today I’d like to introduce Scrivener.

For those who are looking for a better way to organize your writing, Scrivener may be just the tool you’re looking for. I learned about Scrivener through the living notebook (a great blog here!). He swears by it. I thought I might pass this information along in case you’ve never heard of it.

Scrivener is for all writers—novelists, journalists, academics, screenwriters, playwrights—and is ideal tool for writing and organizing that first draft. It offers, in digital form, a ring-binder, a scrapbook, a corkboard, an outliner, and text editor all in one package.

You can try Scrivener for a 30-day trial.


What about you? Have you used Scrivener? Do you know of any other programs? Do you think this would be a helpful for your writing process?

Well, give it a try. I’ve downloaded it, but have not yet had a chance to work it. Hopefully, by next week, I can provide you with my thoughts on it.

Don’t forget the blue moon tonight, my blogging friends. The blue moon is a rare occurrence.  Another one is not expected until 2015, three years from now. I suggest you have your notebooks/smart phones ready to capture any strange happenings, or perhaps you’d just like to write by the light of the moon.

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photo credit: Luz Adriana Villa A. via photo pin cc