Their Last Supper

Missy met Daniel at a park while escaping a Frisbee flung at her head. Daniel fled to her side to apologize. His best friend Ace had lobbed it in her direction by accident. Missy glanced over Daniel’s shoulder to see this friend, in his bare-chested attire, waving at them. But Daniel was in no hurry. … Continue reading Their Last Supper

Mama’s Final Test – Friday Fictioneers

"What's the big deal?" Loretta struck a tango pose. "Alone," Tony said, dipping Loretta. "You must cook for my mother. She'll watch." Her final test. "Teach me everything. We'll rehearse." They shopped for fresh herbs, heirloom tomatoes, and a red wine to pair with the chosen dish: Spaghetti alla Matriciana. "A family recipe, Tony?" "I have faith in you." They spun … Continue reading Mama’s Final Test – Friday Fictioneers