What the World Needs Now is Phenomenal Customer Service

What the world needs now is phenomenal customer service. Of course, this implies we have customer service to begin with. Scratch that. What the World Needs Now is ANY Customer Service. With the increase of personal debt, the need has never been greater. Recently, I helped my mother with her creditors in a proactive effort to … Continue reading What the World Needs Now is Phenomenal Customer Service

When Money Floats: Answer Revealed

I know you all are on the edge of your seat at this moment, blogging friends, as I am now about to reveal the answer to the question I put forth in yesterday's post, When Money Floats. What did I do with the five bucks I found on the floor at the grocery store? Did … Continue reading When Money Floats: Answer Revealed

When Money Floats

Every now and then, karma blows favorably in my direction. Once when I was swimming in the ocean, I spied money glistening in the sun, bobbing towards me. Twenty bucks landed in the palm of my hand. Yeah, that's how it happened. Doubtful anyone would attempt to reclaim the cash, I accepted it as a … Continue reading When Money Floats

Ode to Dell

Technology, you are not my friend today Built-in obsolescence made in a land faraway It is their grand plan The twenty-first century scam You need a new hard drive, you say It will last a warranty and a day Replacement number two, now three Request a restore disc for a nominal fee Dell, for all … Continue reading Ode to Dell