A Day in the Life of a Ballet Seamstress – Friday Fictioneers

Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting the Friday Fictioneers, a group of writers who gather to compose a 100-word story based on a photo prompt. This week's photo was brought to us by Sandra Crook. Sandra, thanks for the inspiration. When I look at a sewing machine, I think of costumes. My story is a … Continue reading A Day in the Life of a Ballet Seamstress – Friday Fictioneers

Doing It Their Way – Friday Fictioneers

I figure Sunday is as good as any day for a story! I have a quick confession. Somehow I thought I saw the prompt come up in my Reader, thinking it was this other, older one we had before and I wrote a new story (for a prompt used before!). Maybe because it was Friday the 13th?! … Continue reading Doing It Their Way – Friday Fictioneers

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge, Week 28: Orange Dream Machine

I'm calling this one "Orange Dream Machine." I saw this is San Francisco and it was some kind of makeup show intertwined with a Wash & Dry Ironing/Dance show. I know there are a lot of heads, but we all want to shoot or record this one. And he breaks out singing the "I'm too sexy … Continue reading Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge, Week 28: Orange Dream Machine

Creativity: The Freedom of Limits

The latest Writer's Digest July/August issue focuses on creativity. I'm all ears when it comes to learning about the creative process. It's something I take to heart, believing more often it's the journey and not the final destination that counts. That sentiment applies to so many things in life, whether it be professional or personal, … Continue reading Creativity: The Freedom of Limits

If you believe, they will believe

I've always loved this quote. I came across it while going through some of my dad's boxes. He had been a teacher, so it made me laugh. I think this quote applies in many areas of my life, but I really found this to true when I stood before a classroom of thirty small children with … Continue reading If you believe, they will believe


Here's my list for the Love/Hate challenge you may have seen going around the blogosphere. After reading Mark's list on his blog Exile on Pain Street, I felt this rush to write a list of my own and here it is. I wasn't tagged nor am I going to tag anyone, but if you want … Continue reading Love/Hate

Dancing with my Hair Down

When I was small, I danced for hours in the foyer of my house. Most of the house was carpeted, including the kitchen and two bathrooms, but not in this white square speckled with black dots. It was years before tile would replace some of that carpet. In the meantime, that 12 x 12 square feet of … Continue reading Dancing with my Hair Down