Stump – Friday Fictioneers

Genre: Dark Humor (100 words) Stump  "We can't call the cops. My fingerprints are all over it," Ray said. He waved the butchered arm around like it was a sparkler. "Stop it with that," Suzanne said. Ray rationalized a missing body part could only be found in a stolen car. Never mind that they didn't … Continue reading Stump – Friday Fictioneers

Clang Clang

If you would like to read the previous parts to this story, here they are: Part 1: Knock Knock Part 2: Who's There? Part 3: Knock it off As always, thanks for reading! ************************************* "Dad is acting funny," Faye said, sniffling. Must be the dust in the room. Kate knew she wasn't crying. "Is it … Continue reading Clang Clang

Knock Knock

Here's an excerpt from a story I'm working on. I wanted to share a bit in honor of Halloween.  ******************************** The kids stayed with their dad on the weekends, allowing mom to attend her education classes to finish up her master's degree. Kate thought it was a ploy for normalcy. Look at how happy everyone could be. … Continue reading Knock Knock