Santa and Friends: The Real Story Beyond the Lights

Looking at all the colorful lights and holiday displays you would probably say everything is going splendidly. But I promise you, things are not always as they seem. I felt a lot of anxiety in the air as I drove through my neighborhood. Maybe Santa and friends are anxious about the big night. Could be. I … Continue reading Santa and Friends: The Real Story Beyond the Lights

The Trimmings Tell the Real Story

Walking through my neighborhood, I pause to look at the various holiday decorations. And, guess what? I'm on to you, Santa. Santa has been very bad. If you look deep enough, and trust me, I always look deep, you will just need a few clues to put this puzzle together. You think Santa has been … Continue reading The Trimmings Tell the Real Story

Happy Halloween!

Tonight the kids will take a walk around the block for some tricks or treats. Last year my little one made to about five houses. We'll see how he does this year. I think he'll go to at least fifteen houses! Although, the neighborhood is looking pretty decked out, spookwise... She's the Girl on the … Continue reading Happy Halloween!

‘Tis the Season for Boo!

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, without question. With Americans expected to spend a whopping $8 billion this year on Halloween, I see I'm not alone. It definitely has changed since I was a kid. For one thing, when I was kid, Halloween was a one-day holiday. We may have had a … Continue reading ‘Tis the Season for Boo!