A Moment in Nature

I pass through this beautiful spot when I go running, and I wanted to share it. Yesterday, I saw a sly coyote camouflaged in a field.  I’ve also seen a bobcat,  deer, a white owl (that was cool) and bunnies.  Lots and lots of bunnies.

Once in a little stream, I also saw a river otter (or maybe it was a beaver). Mr. Bumble thinks I made it up, but I swear it’s true.

This is always a highlight of my day when I see it, although it probably looks more splendid in person. Imagine the crisp air and the sun’s light glimmering through the trees…

What about you? Do you have special moments in nature? (I realize this question could have multiple meanings/answers  for you.) Well, nature has a special meaning for everyone. When I see a wild animal, it’s as if I was sprinkled with fairy dust.

A NaNoWriMo update: I’m at 16,535 words!!

I’m hanging in there. Many thanks for all your words of encouragement and for your support last week.  Your kindness meant more than you could know, and they kept me going. Really, thanks for cheering me on.