Celebrity Sightings: Answer Revealed

I know you’re still on the edge of your seat about what happened next with Kenny Loggins. I hope you haven’t lost any sleep over it and I sincerely apologize for the delay in providing the answer.

To refresh your memory, here is the poll….

And now, drumroll….your answer…

Kenny flashed me a smile, grabbed his spinach salad with the mountain of feta, and quietly went back to his seat.

If you guessed correctly, well…uh no prizes…I hope this has brought a wonderful smile to your face. Celebrities, after all, are people like you and me. I piled on that feta, but really he probably didn’t even want it. I think this must happen a lot with celebrities. They’re given all these extras and freebies, but they are the people who need them the least of all.

I know some of you were hoping for a song. I’m sure if I would have asked him, he probably would have done it. But I realize now that you guys are too smart. You know that Kenny Loggins probably doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and would never throw a salad in my face or force his way behind the counter. I couldn’t fool you at all.

Thanks for playing.

A side note: Kenny Loggins is coming to my home town next month to play a concert. Who knew? This is a weird coincidence anyway, right? It’s not liked I owned any of his albums, but I did enjoy his duets with Stevie Nicks.

That did allow me to come out my funk momentarily, except that friends, I’m still without a computer. I know, I know how could this go on like this. I’ll explain later. I’m going through my sulking phase now…the “I can’t believe this is costing so much. Dammit!” phase. I liken the situation to car repair. You don’t have a choice and must suck it up. I will go cry now.

Seriously, thanks for all your support.