Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

This week's photo challenge is Optimistic. How do you fuel the fires of optimism? In between my son's water polo matches, we were on a quest for Pho. It was a rainy day and my son was hungry. It was a perfect meal for a cold, wet day. We found it.  Here's mine. Size small with extra … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

Thanksgiving Quandries

For this year's Thanksgiving meal, I will responsible for cooking. This also includes planning. We all know that the secret to a successful Thanksgiving meal with numerous side dishes delivered to the table piping hot all at once is....more than one oven! Correct? But unless you live in a hotel or you're just lucky, you're like … Continue reading Thanksgiving Quandries

It Costs How Much?

Remember that scene from I, Robot where Will Smith's character orders a beer in a diner and it's like $27? No? I couldn't find the video or a meme to share...you'll just have to take my word for it.  When I saw it I remember thinking, Wow, that's one expensive beer. I hope it never gets that bad.  Friends, … Continue reading It Costs How Much?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected

This week's photo challenge is to show how two (or more) things — people, objects, places — come together. I have a few photos to share. Connecting with Nature: Under the Rainbow Bridge Connecting with Music: From Bach to the Beatles Connecting with Food: At the Farmer's Market For more connections, please visit the Weekly Photo Challenge site.

I never asked what crazy things

He sat at a picnic table shaded by an umbrella typically used by employees and the public, and he waited. All of the picnic tables, situated at the entrance to the grocery store, were sturdy and black, and bolted to the ground to prevent anyone from stealing them. They had purpose and function. Employees and the public alike sat … Continue reading I never asked what crazy things

Monday Lunch Madness

You know the scenario. It's a whole string of events that bring you to this ever so delicate impasse: the realization that you do not have all the essentials to make your child's school lunch. And it's all your fault. If you don't have a child, I imagine this could apply to you, solely, on any … Continue reading Monday Lunch Madness

Pass the Salt

I left Shelly alone in my apartment. She was listless and cold to the touch. I had no choice. I needed to get back to my job and I left her lying on the couch with a blanket wrapped around her. This is how I thought I would find her when I returned. Instead she's … Continue reading Pass the Salt