The Bumble Files is now Amy Reese Writes – Welcome!

Welcome to my new blog, Amy Reese Writes! Surprise, surprise! Please join me in celebrating my new beginning. I am back from the abyss. Are you still with me? I had not intended to be gone so long. I had these four issues surface: 1) I got sick, 2) My computer got sick (still is), … Continue reading The Bumble Files is now Amy Reese Writes – Welcome!

So Long, Bumble Files

That's right. I'm ditching The Bumble Files. It's been sweet, it's been a fun ride, but alas, it's time. Don't worry, I'll still be here. I may be a little sad when I put The Bumble Files to rest, sniffle, sniffle...shedding a tear...okay, I'm done. Sigh. Seriously, I will be unveiling a new blog with … Continue reading So Long, Bumble Files