In Appreciation

The last two weeks since my dad has passed has been a whirlwind of activity, of planning and discussing an assortment of details of which I knew nothing about and was completely unprepared for. My emotions have been on a roller coaster ride that everyone tells me is normal. The tasks of planning my father's … Continue reading In Appreciation

Their Last Supper

Missy met Daniel at a park while escaping a Frisbee flung at her head. Daniel fled to her side to apologize. His best friend Ace had lobbed it in her direction by accident. Missy glanced over Daniel’s shoulder to see this friend, in his bare-chested attire, waving at them. But Daniel was in no hurry. … Continue reading Their Last Supper

A Caroling We Will Go

Tis the season for caroling. Singing together in joy and attempted harmony.  I grew up with this idea, singing alongside my brothers and sisters. Two neighboring Catholic families joined together. Our family of six kids, plus theirs, ten kids strong. A gathering filled up our houses, especially if spouses and friends joined in, which happened … Continue reading A Caroling We Will Go

New Year’s Resolutions: Run for the Bunny Hills

I think the reason we often do not succeed in accomplishing our New Year's resolutions is because we are asking ourselves to do the hard stuff. We are pushing ourselves to climb the mountain, often before we have even attempted a hill. I say let's just go for the little bunny hills. Come along. Why … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions: Run for the Bunny Hills


Here's to laughing with family and friends, and good cheer I'm thankful for the ground I walk on And for my friends in the blogosphere Happy Thanksgiving everybody, wherever you are!