Doing It Their Way – Friday Fictioneers

I figure Sunday is as good as any day for a story! I have a quick confession. Somehow I thought I saw the prompt come up in my Reader, thinking it was this other, older one we had before and I wrote a new story (for a prompt used before!). Maybe because it was Friday the 13th?! … Continue reading Doing It Their Way – Friday Fictioneers

In Search of Masterpieces (part 2)

If you'd like to read the previous part of this scene, you can find it here. Thanks for reading. Two more steps and my body would have been a heap on the concrete floor. I inched across the platform, releasing the door from my sweaty fingers, and it slammed shut behind me. When I tried … Continue reading In Search of Masterpieces (part 2)

Filled with Hope (A Photo Journal)

"Mom, my boots are waterproof so no mud will seep through," my son said from the back seat of the car. "My shoes are full of holes," Dad offered. "I know of some great, cheap shoes from Costco. We'll get you some tomorrow," I said, trying to console. "A lot of good that does me … Continue reading Filled with Hope (A Photo Journal)

A Journey by Boat – Friday Fictioneers – 09/13/13

This week's Friday Fictioneers is based on the story of my grandparents, whom I never met. My father is the youngest in this story. Thank you Rochelle for leading our group. Find more stories from the Fictioneers here. Biography: 100 words Copyright – Jan Wayne Field A Journey by Boat Melchior, a carpenter, couldn't have … Continue reading A Journey by Boat – Friday Fictioneers – 09/13/13

Santa, The Jig Is Up

Santa, I'm on to you. Who's been naughty or nice? I have an answer to that question. It appears that the orange that people put in their stockings has its own story...and it's huge! I think this is the closest I'll ever get to solving the mysteries of the Universe and Everything. First, the supposed … Continue reading Santa, The Jig Is Up

Olympics, I’ve Gone Color-Blind

I've tolerated the pink wash of the gymnastics arena. I'll admit in the heat of the women's competition the other night, I was revved up by all the pink. I could barely make out the gymnasts in their red, or was it pink, leotards. That's okay, too. I'm good at squinting. But when they were … Continue reading Olympics, I’ve Gone Color-Blind