Joelle Meets the Guy from Last Night

Joelle’s bold attempt at cheerfulness assumed the look of a constipated mannequin, only she had a jacket at her feet and a warm body squirming underneath it. The guy with the baseball cap nosed around the store, pausing at the intersection of each aisle, looking left to right. “He’s coming this way,” Joelle reported, although … Continue reading Joelle Meets the Guy from Last Night

Tessa is a Messa

A light tap on her shoulder and a blowing in her ear brought Tessa back to reality. It was Joelle Robbins, her smooth customer of a roommate. Tessa liked to think of her as her sidekick in times of desperation. Really, she was her savior, and today was no exception. “What’s this?” Joelle grabbed the … Continue reading Tessa is a Messa