Just because. . .floss, bitty cars, and sleep positions

I am excited about flossing my teeth. Just because only now I understand the fuss now about scraping your teeth, about getting in between your teeth, coming up one side and tugging on it there, and then, flipping to the other side, and tugging it some more. I am amused by this, and yes, you should be worried about me.

My kitty enjoys the floss as much as me. It’s the invisible toy, and useful too, if it gets caught up in her teeth. It’s a dual-purpose toy. Note: No animal or human was harmed in this photo..


Now,she's mad with delight. Easy, tiger.
Now possessed…mad with delight!

Now, when I think of floss, I am reminded of the opening of “Dexter” when he is flossing his teeth. I am binge watching a show that began eight years ago. But it’s still good…so good, I drew a picture about it, watching the show on the iPad; it’s like my own private television and it’s pure joy.

See my feet there at the end? Of course, it sits a little higher. Close enough, right?
See my feet there at the end? Of course, it sits a little higher. Close enough, right?

As a family, we have been writing together. We take turns to pick a topic, write a bit and then draw a picture. Isn’t that swell?

Daddy's drawing of mommy in a bathing suit. I don't know what the topic was.
Daddy’s drawing of mommy in a bathing suit.  I am looking buff. I’m not sure how he came to draw this exactly. Something to do with devices.


Here I am again floating above the...trees?
But there’s no mistaking this inspiration.

It’s this:

It’s the Integral Trees, of course. (Image Source: www.thehibbitts.net)

Oh, to float above the trees. Just think of it.

No, it cannot be. We must drive around in these things.

A Fiat 500 Sport. It feels as bitty as it looks. Image Source: TechGlimpse.com
A Fiat 500 Sport. It feels as bitty as it looks. (Image Source: TechGlimpse.com)

All I could even find was a small picture. I’ve always wondered what it feels to drive such a small vehicle. I got my wish last weekend. We did not want our car to blow up, so we rented a car, the cheapest possible. This was it, ladies and gentlemen. It was a boxy, little rocket. It was zippy and great fun, albeit not much leg room. Four of us in there.

When we returned to our four-door sedan, it felt like a luxury liner where I might sleep comfortably. Never had I thought such a thing before.

I tried to sleep in the boxy Fiat because I got no sleep the night before. This was just because my husband provided stats on sleep positions right before we settled in. He tells me this: 79% of people sleep on their side, 10% on their backs, and even less sleep on their tummies. That probably doesn’t add up. You get the idea.

So, the best possible sleep position not the one that everyone is mostly doing – on the side. No, we all do it wrong. The best sleep position is to sleep on your back; this is said to be better for your back and creates less sag.

Who can do this? I can only sleep on my back if I’m really exhausted or drugged. Every time I felt relaxed, I realized I was sleeping wrong and tried to sleep on my back. It was a long night. The real question is, how can you ever know what position you sleep in, if you’re asleep? Unless, of course, you record yourself sleeping. Would you watch yourself sleep to find out? I mean, even if you can’t control the position you sleep in? Don’t think too hard about it.

Let me just ask you what position you think you sleep in? Do you like little cars? They get great gas mileage. Do you floss every night? Well, you should. Just because.


Just because. . .

I am writing a post about nothing in particular, just because. . .

Just because I never do, and it’s my turn.

And just because, I want to tell you that my heart is in it, but my spirit is weak.

In my research about “hacking,” I discovered that, in fact, I have been hacked. Every time I turn on computer, I have a new virus. At this point, I’m afraid to touch my computer, much less turn it on. When I use a computer now, I do so, ahem, at an undisclosed location. That’s where I am now.

But just because I am weakened by technology, does mean that I can’t enjoy your posts. I’ve been able to accomplish this by using other devices, i.e., smart phone and the trusty iPad, when it is available. I’ve learned that I detest things that are small…small screens, small typeface, small keys….Just because, well they’re annoying.

I’ve tried to rely on Siri, to talk to her to see if she can type my comments. The other day, I made this shopping list on my phone:

I said: 
Peanut butter

She typed:
You Know Better

What is this? Some kind of code, Siri? Seems favorable enough, she kinda sorta seems to be on my side. But I don’t trust her, and besides, she got it all wrong. I discovered I miss typing, and just get further annoyed. I am annoyed that I am annoyed by a talking gadget.

It’s all fair, since I am annoying complete strangers, just because the transmission on my car is obviously dying and I get the look of death from people as they pass me, on the right. I give them the stare of “do or die trying.” It’s a win-win.

Just because we are all annoyed, well, this does not preclude me from enjoying these moments:

The beautiful hydrangeas.

This should be one color, but still beautiful. Something about the acid in the soil...
Glorious hydrangeas.

The conclusion that kitty can’t tell the difference between the ground and the roof…until it’s too late.

It was YOUR choice to go up there.
Yes Lucky, it was YOUR choice to go up there.
Lucky kitty, not so Lucky. Yes, you are on the roof.
Lucky, not so lucky. Yeah, that’s the ground down there.

A cool beverage. I’m not one for product placement, but the Green Matcha Tea Freedo with Raspberry flavoring with Whipped Cream from Peets Coffee & Tea is quite refreshing. Don’t let the green color scare you.

That's a Matcha Tea Freedo with hint of raspberry and loaded with whipped cream. It was so good, I almost forgot to snap a photo.
That’s a Matcha Tea Freedo with hint of raspberry and loaded with whipped cream. It was so good, I almost forgot to snap a photo.

And, of course, the pool deck. I will be spending lots of time here, watching my son’s water polo.

Don’t forget the sunscreen and a hat.

Just because. . .it’s summer! Stay cool!

Happy Summer to you! 😎