Beneath – Friday Fictioneers

Happy Friday Fictioneers! I’ve missed everyone. I have been away for a spell.

This is a repeat for me, but I reworked this a bit. I don’t know if I made any improvements.

As always, thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for keeping everything afloat. Congratulations to Rochelle for completing her edits for her third novel in a series entitled AS ONE MUST ONE CAN. Way to go!

Thanks to Georgia Koch for this week’s photo.

Do you believe?

Copyright – Georgia Koch
Copyright – Georgia Koch


“We got a boat. No excuses,” Joe said. “Old man Cassel is still out there.”

“Paddling in that pea soup makes about as much sense as surfing a tsunami. You ain’t gettin’ me in that boat.”

“That Nellie business is nothing but a campfire story.”

Heavy air shrouded them, erasing their shapes. The skiff knocked around in the choppy water like driftwood as they attempted to steer in one direction. The water swelled, pulling them toward the center of the lake.

Joe’s radio buzzed. “We got Cassell. C’mon back. Over.”

“I can’t see anything—”

Spiky tendrils latched on, sending them under, below, beneath.


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The Legend of Hornet Cave – Friday Fictioneers – 04/19/13

It’s time for Friday Fictioneers. As always, thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for leading this group.

I went for a sea story today. Don’t mess with the wasp. Personally, I think they’re evil and have nothing but malicious intent.

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Copyright-Janet Webb

The Legend of Hornet Cave (105 words)

“Wasps stung him, his body never found. A half-man, half-wasp creature flies over these parts. The other guy escaped, but died a mysterious death.”

“How?” asked Suzanne, shivering in the canoe.

“He fell from a chair while attempting to kill a wasp,” said Doug.

“Oh, please.”

They pushed the canoe into the sand. At the cave’s entrance, they beheld a nest the size of five human heads. Wasps trickled out. Suzanne pocketed a delicate piece of a wasp nest found in the sand.

Rowing back to shore, wasps dive-bombed their intruders. With one piercing sting, Suzanne screamed and released the nest back into the water.