Long Awkward Pause Celebrates Robin Williams

Robin Williams touched so many with his immense talent and generous spirit. He will be missed. Come celebrate his life with Long Awkward Pause.

There is no doubt your Facebook/Twitter feeds are currently full of pictures of Mrs. Doubtfire as well as Aladdin and that hilarious genie sharing a heartfelt hug.


No secret as of today, Robin Williams is dead. Social media is mourning, the only way Social media can. That’s by sharing animated gifs, frowny emoticons, and pictures of nature with inspirational quotes written in squiggly fonts.

Our favorite comment that ran across the Long Awkward Pause Facebook feed was: “Hey guess what? Other people died today too.”

Those other people did not touch as  many lives as Robin Williams did. They did not make millions of people laugh like Robin Williams did. And they probably were not as hairy as Robin Williams was…

Sadly, despite this day and age of laser hair removal, when a celebrity dies you will learn all the short comings of said celebrity. There will also be no doubt that you…

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Survival Tips for “Hotels on a Budget”

I’m guest posting at Long Awkward Pause with some Survival Tips for “Hotels on a Budget.” Come on over!

With spring break and summer vacations around the corner, you might be surprised to learn that you are not the only one on a budget. It turns out hotels are on a tight budget, too. If camping is not your style, then following these tips will ensure a pleasant stay at any hotel on a budget.

Consider these amenities:


A cramped sleeping space can be compensated with a fluffy pillow. In the case that you have extra guests or the pillow is too flat, an additional pillow will solve the problem, easing your way into restful sleep. Logic tells you to simply ask for another pillow.


Be prepared for this scenario:

Guest: Would it possible to get an extra pillow?

Clerk: No.

And don’t ask again. It’s important for the hotel staff to be on your side for the reminder of your stay. Just be happy you…

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