For My Dad – A Poem

This is the poem I read at my dad's memorial service. Things came to me in little bits right after his passing and this is what I wrote. I thought I would be able to read this as opposed to a longer story. I was wrong. I cried after the first word and then continued with tears … Continue reading For My Dad – A Poem

Dancing with my Hair Down

When I was small, I danced for hours in the foyer of my house. Most of the house was carpeted, including the kitchen and two bathrooms, but not in this white square speckled with black dots. It was years before tile would replace some of that carpet. In the meantime, that 12 x 12 square feet of … Continue reading Dancing with my Hair Down

Connecting Moments and Neurons in the Digital Age

Recently, I listened to an interview on NPR called, "How To Stay Afloat In Your Infinite Stream Of Photos." If you feel buried in photos like I do, you may find these tips useful: Thoughtfulness. When "making" photos, be thoughtful and mindful. Notice how I did not say "taking." We make photos: we see the … Continue reading Connecting Moments and Neurons in the Digital Age

Once, I lived in Isla Vista

As a college student I never would have believed that a mass shooting in Isla Vista would prompt me to write this post. Of course, we had no social media back then. UCSB is my alma mater and I lived in Isla Vista, or IV as we called it, for three years as an undergraduate. … Continue reading Once, I lived in Isla Vista

A Caroling We Will Go

Tis the season for caroling. Singing together in joy and attempted harmony.  I grew up with this idea, singing alongside my brothers and sisters. Two neighboring Catholic families joined together. Our family of six kids, plus theirs, ten kids strong. A gathering filled up our houses, especially if spouses and friends joined in, which happened … Continue reading A Caroling We Will Go

Pass the Gravy…Please

  Thanksgiving, a time to give thanks and, let's face it, a time to stuff our faces. The Thanksgiving meal is one you can screw up. It's no accident that there are a dozen side dishes that accompany the turkey. We can't just have turkey, mashed potatoes, and some green beans. No! We must have sweet … Continue reading Pass the Gravy…Please

All in the Family – Friday Fictioneers – 10/25/13

Happy Anniversary to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for leading the Friday Fictioneers for a whole year now. Wow, that went by fast. A big, heartfelt thanks to you. In Rochelle's honor today, I wrote biographical fiction. Thanks for all your inspiration. Biographical Fiction (101 words) copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields All in the Family The piano sat abandoned … Continue reading All in the Family – Friday Fictioneers – 10/25/13