Pizza Pie – Friday Fictioneers

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers, a group of writers who attempt to write a 100-word story based on a photo prompt. This week’s photo is brought to us by Dale Rogerson, who I understand has a birthday today. So, Happy Birthday, Dale! Cheers! And thanks for the pizza.:)

My story went a bit over. I apologize. I did my best to cut.

All are welcome to participate. Visit Rochelle’s blog Addicted to Purple for more info.

Dale Rogerson(105 words)

Pizza Pie

“He owns a deli.” Chuck surveyed the baseball field of short-legged participants.

“Remember the party with the limos,” Janice persisted.

“Giuseppe is just a neighbor with a big family.”

“That’s what I’m saying.”

The hot dog line was long. They chose the empty pizza booth instead.

“Hi, Giuseppe. I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“My nephew’s on a team. You guys want pizza?” Giuseppe gestured toward a tower of boxes. “Half price. You never had a pizza pie like this.”

Janice didn’t think they had a choice. No matter. Whenever hunger consumed them, Chuck and Janice dreamed of Giuseppe’s cold pizza pie. Simply the best.


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