I’m a NaNoWriMo Winner! I did it!

I’m a NaNoWriMo winner! Friends, I did it!

I just want to take a moment to say thank you to all of you who offered me kind words of encouragement during the NaNoWriMo challenge. You probably won’t believe me when I say this, but YOU made all the difference. There were some days when I had another 600 words to write, and I would think, “I just can’t….” But then, I would think of you. So, I kept a steady course, and I finished my novel. Well, I put an ending on it. Never mind all the holes in the middle. So, THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

My son asked me if he could read it and I said, “No way!” He found this kind of pathetic, wondering why I would take all this time to write something that I don’t want anyone to read. And, all you got was a stupid badge…yeah, yeah, yeah…I’m proud of my badge.

For one thing, I discovered a great story out of it. I wrote a suspense/thriller with a lot of plot points and twists. But let me tell you, it’s awfully hard to write a plotty and twisty novel when you’re not quite sure what the plotties and twisties are. You see what I’m saying? My novel had lots of stray body part pieces in it and I wrote it in pieces. Oh, let me think about that for a moment….That’s quite profound….The second draft will be easier. I plan to pick it up soon, but probably not tomorrow. Do I want to do this next month? No, I don’t!

But I’m happy I did it, and it feels like a great accomplishment. It’s true what they say about the NaNoWriMo. In one of the pep talks I read from NaNo, it said something like you’ll be able to write anywhere….Yes! I could have written in a crowded bar with loud music with darts flying around my head. Or, at a kid’s birthday party with kiddos swarming around me. No problem!

Also, when you sign up and fill out your profile, they ask what music you listen to while you write. They even had a space to fill out your listening music. I thought how sweet that they want to bring people together based on their listening preferences. I thought, Oh, I write to silence. That all changed! I needed some pep, something with spunk, and I listened to music most of the time I wrote.

For those of you who are thinking about doing this, I highly recommend it. If anything at all, by doing the NaNo I gave myself permission to write. I gave myself a chance. It also made me realize why I usually don’t give myself time to write. There are so many distractions that get in the way. For a month, I made it a priority and that was a huge step for me.

Thanks again for your support!



My Three Genie Wishes for Today

These are my Three Genie Wishes for today. That means they could be different for tomorrow. I’m rubbing my lamp now.

1. I wish that when I hit the pillow, I would fall asleep instantly!

Sleep has been a difficult issue most of my life, not made any easier by having two children. But when I was a kid, I was the devil’s child. You see, I didn’t sleep a wink. I was a parents’ worst nightmare. Now I understand completely.

Look at her sleeping so soundly. Bitch.

My parents, frustrated, tired, and at the end of their rope, consulted with doctors. They doctors wanted to observe me for an entire week at the hospital, so my parents brought me in. My mother tells me it lasted only a couple of days, because she felt horrible leaving me there at the hospital all by myself. I was only two years old, for crying out loud! I believe the house was a lot quieter without me there.

When I returned home, it was back to my dad walking circles around our block, around and around to quiet me down. He was an English professor at a community college and told his students stories about me. In fact, everyday the class started with a story about me. A student would ask, “So what did Amy do this time?” Once he told a story of how, late at night, I busted into all of my siblings’ pre-made for school lunches (that would be 4 of them), and took one bite out of everything! Every sandwich, every Twinkie, etc. My brothers and sisters were not pleased. Yay! That was good work, huh?

Later, one of my dad’s college students turned out to be, lo and behold, my sophomore high school English teacher. When she took roll the first day of class, she paused and said, “Amy, I know all about you.”

Uh oh, I thought, and smiled at her. I recall that class was unusually difficult.

Seeing as sleep is a long-standing issue, I believe I will put item #1 on my permanent Genie Wish List.

Sub-wish 1a)

I’m going to add a sub-category here (You can do this; Genie doesn’t really notice). My wish 1a is to go back to the hospital and see what they did to me. I want answers…maybe that could explain things. You know, lots of things…

2) I wish to clone myself 20 times, no 300 times, so I can read everyone’s blog.

I’m feeling overwhelmed, pleasantly overwhelmed, but kind of crazy overwhelmed. Does anyone else feel this way, or is it just me?

Of course, if I don’t get #1 item accomplished, I can do more of item 2, reading more of my friends’ blogs. But then I feel overwhelmed, and…

3) I wish to finish NaNoWriMo.

Blogging friends, I have only 3,942 words remaining. That’s it!! I am so close.

Only 3,942 more. Let’s do it.

In fact, I could write those words right now, but I’m so distracted….Oh, but I’m tired.

Maybe I should try to get some sleep…

What about you? Do you have Three Genie Wishes for today? I bet you do. What are they?

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NaNo What Not and a Woody Video

It’s now the mid-mark of NaNoWriMo, and I’m at 23,420 words. So, I’m a tad behind.

The way I see it, this NaNoWriMo is like a writer’s boot camp. It breaks you down, weakens you, makes you vulnerable, and makes feel quite humble, as in “I’m the worst writer in the world.”  And, then you wonder why you should write anything, but because you already feel like you’re the worst writer in the world, you allow yourself to write the worst possible crap ever. Whew! I feel better. Hopefully, I’ll come out of this stronger, faster, and tougher. I’ll really know what I made of.  That’s it.

My characters remain aloof. Perhaps, they’re spending too much time in the house, and I need to get them outside, or let them be really bad. On the bright side, I do like some of my ideas.

And, now, a little video for your viewing pleasure, so this post is, uh, not a complete waste of your time. Gee, honey, I thought it was because of my soft skin.

It’s based on science, and what more do you want out of life? Really. Science has the answers for everything. Enjoy.

A Moment in Nature

I pass through this beautiful spot when I go running, and I wanted to share it. Yesterday, I saw a sly coyote camouflaged in a field.  I’ve also seen a bobcat,  deer, a white owl (that was cool) and bunnies.  Lots and lots of bunnies.

Once in a little stream, I also saw a river otter (or maybe it was a beaver). Mr. Bumble thinks I made it up, but I swear it’s true.

This is always a highlight of my day when I see it, although it probably looks more splendid in person. Imagine the crisp air and the sun’s light glimmering through the trees…

What about you? Do you have special moments in nature? (I realize this question could have multiple meanings/answers  for you.) Well, nature has a special meaning for everyone. When I see a wild animal, it’s as if I was sprinkled with fairy dust.

A NaNoWriMo update: I’m at 16,535 words!!

I’m hanging in there. Many thanks for all your words of encouragement and for your support last week.  Your kindness meant more than you could know, and they kept me going. Really, thanks for cheering me on.


NaNo Who Ha

NaNo Mo Fa

NaNo Who Knew

The End

I guess I can do better than that…oh, I’ll try.

This writing thing…DANG!…it’s hard.

She’s bursting with creative juices. All I need is a cape and lights!

Here’s my latest NaNoWriMo update in which I will give myself a pep talk and you, dear reader, can observe me slip into madness.

All work and no play make Amy a dull girl

All work and no play make Amy a dull girl

All work and no play make Amy a dull girl

Do you see where I’m going with this one?

This is not one of those posts where I tell you that my story is just flowing out of me. I’m still waiting for that creative surge to hit allowing me to write with literary abandon, where my characters are writing my book for me. Hmm…no, not quite.

Now for reals…I’ve written 8,534 words to date. Whoo hoo! This means that I’m on target and writing the necessary amount to achieve the 50,000 words by the end of the month. One of my goals is to not fall behind, because as soon as I do, I fear I won’t be able to catch up.

Now, are they good words, you might ask? No. In fact, I don’t think I want anyone to read this. It’s raw and messy. So far, a lot it is back story. Is is the research I should have done beforehand? Perhaps. If you were to see my book in screen form, it would be a lot flashbacks.

If I thought it could really make a good book, it would be a definite rewrite. I’ve determined this is a grand experiment. I’m sure if I were left to my own devices, I might abandon this project altogether for fear that it isn’t any good. So, with nothing to lose, it would seem it might be easier to write freely, to write for writing’s sake. This is goal #2.  Let my characters and my writing roam free. I’ll see how my story shapes up.

I try to write in the morning first thing at about 6 am. Then I take a few chunks of it later in the day. That schedule seems to work for me. The most difficult thing is doing it everyday. However, everyday does feel like an accomplishment. Those words I wrote, even if they’re crappy, weren’t there the day before. How’s that? All in all, so far so good.

P.S. Blogging friends, I don’t want to disappear off the face of the blogosphere. I still want to read your posts. If by chance I don’t comment on your post, please don’t take it personally. I probably can’t write another word!

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NaNoWriMo Why Not?

I decided if I could come up ten reasons to do NaNoWriMo, then I decided I would be all out of excuses. So, I’m doing it!

Here are my 10 reasons:
1.  I’m not working; this is actually the most perfect time to do this.

2.  Instead of stressing about the job I DON”T have (see #1)  I might as well be writing. Duh!

3. I will feel a sense of accomplishment everyday; this is not true of the job search; then I won’t need to stress at all (see #2).

4.  There is nothing like a deadline to give you a good PUSH.

5.  I have a story floating around in my head somewhere; all I need to do is capture  it and demand an explanation.

6.  I plan to buy a new candle and light it at the beginning of all my writing sessions; I will have a ritual; I want a daily ritual; I might as well be writing as I perform this ritual (I actually stole this from someone else; isn’t it cool?).

7.  It’s only 1,666 words a day; They’re just words on a page, a rough draft; Ah, that’s nothing; Wait, I don’t like that number at all; How about 1,667? Better. Something is bound to go wrong with that other number.

8.  I’ll connect with other aspiring writers; I won’t be alone.

9.  It will be all about process and output; all junk is allowed; I’ll be in touch with my creative self.

10.  At the end of 50,000 words, I will be named a winner! Yay! I want to be a winner.

50,000 words, now that sounds like an awful lot…what if I get behind…what if my story sucks…what if….too late! I signed up.

I am a bit nervous, so wish me luck. And, if you’re doing the NaNo, please connect with me. I’d love to have some buddies. I’m “thebumblefiles,” but I’m still haven’t completed my profile, or put in my genre, my title, my synopsis, my excerpt…I guess I better get busy.

Hope to see you out there!