Genre: Apocalyptic (103 words)

Dancing Orbs

The observatories lined the hillside like a strand of shining bulbs on a Christmas tree. Their orchestral mirrors probed the skies to deliver bewildering images beyond explanation. Certainly they must have answers about the icy dust covering the planet.

The two dotted figures slogged through the snow, dragging their icicle brick feet up the mountain. They plunged ahead, transfixed by the glow of dancing orbs.

They were greeted with smiles and then doors slammed behind them.

“Our volunteers have arrived,” a man whisked them down a hallway.

“Wait. No.”

“Congratulations. You’ve been selected to save the human race.”


This prompt was for the Friday Fictioneers weekly challenge, where a group of writers across the globe write a 100-word story based on a photo.

I apologize for my lateness, but I will admit that this prompt really stumped me. I gave it a go anyway! I’m not that pleased with my story, but here it is.

All are welcome to participate. If you are interested, join in!

Thank you to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting and to Doug MacIlroy for this amazing photo.

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Dancing Orbs – Friday Fictioneers