Origins – Friday Fictioneers


The Saltbacks rarely left Deep Trench, unable to risk the mud on their skins or the bright light in their eyes. Their helmets depressurized the air, and they fell onto the land dazed and trembling.

Rumors flourished that the MudBorne, indigenous to the land, lived as savages in the toxins and ate visiting Saltbacks.

Days passed, and the Saltbacks saw no life. When their clothes became muddied, they disrobed. Craving the thinness of the air, they shielded their skin with mud and walked into the forest.

And so, a new generation was born. They called themselves the MudSalts.


I want to say thanks for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for her dedication and time, and to B.W. Beacham for the photo.

I’m not sure what inspired my story this week. Feel free to laugh with me or at me, or you can laugh at my story, too. Isn’t it so remarkable that 95% of the underwater world remains unexplored? Stop to think about that one.

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Genre: Sci-Fi/Humor (98 words)

Copyright – B.W. Beacham