Clang Clang

If you would like to read the previous parts to this story, here they are: Part 1: Knock Knock Part 2: Who's There? Part 3: Knock it off As always, thanks for reading! ************************************* "Dad is acting funny," Faye said, sniffling. Must be the dust in the room. Kate knew she wasn't crying. "Is it … Continue reading Clang Clang

Knock it off

The first two parts are here: Part 1: Knock Knock?  Part 2: Who's There? ************************************************* What do you mean it’s a dead-end?” cried her sister, who now more than ever wanted an exit when just seconds ago her life depended upon staying put. “I mean it won’t open,” Kate said, standing up. She tried it again … Continue reading Knock it off

Who’s There?

This is a bit rough, but here is a bit more of "Knock Knock." I will take the rest of the month to finish this. It may be novella length possibly.  Thanks so much reading. It means the world to me! If you like to read the first part, here it is: Knock Knock. **************************************** Kate … Continue reading Who’s There?

Haunted Places: A Tour of Preston Castle

Recently, I visited the Preston Castle in Ione, California in Amador County for a historical tour. During the month of October, the Preston Castle also offers a thrilling haunted house and overnight ghost tours. This is not surprising considering it is believed to be truly haunted. Not only is there an unsolved murder in its past, but … Continue reading Haunted Places: A Tour of Preston Castle