A Communication Tip for the Holidays and Beyond: “Me Time”

Have you ever been in a conversation where you were so busy formulating a response that you missed what the other person said altogether? Sometimes I think life happens this way; life as a conversation where we are only half-way committed, half-way listening. Many times we are so fixated on predicting what happens next that … Continue reading A Communication Tip for the Holidays and Beyond: “Me Time”

On the Fence – Friday Fictioneers

It's time for Friday Fictioneers. Many thanks to wonderful Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for leading the Friday Fictioneers. The challenge is to write a 100-word story based on a photo prompt. This week's photo was contributed by David Stewart. Be sure to stop by and read his tear-jerker. 🙂 The school-to-prison pipeline was coined to describe how … Continue reading On the Fence – Friday Fictioneers

I Will Always Be Your Mom

To all the mothers of the world, I wish you a very Happy Mother's Day! I Will Always Be Your Mom We toil, we worry, mothers do Our bodies bleed and stretch Our hearts and minds grow and love pours out Soft bellies for a weary head Breasts warm pillows soothe We listen to your  heartbeat … Continue reading I Will Always Be Your Mom

School Days, Sharp and Ready

My newly appointed middle-schooler asked me if he could have $50 as a going-to-school present. Excuse me? Is this the latest? I've heard of gifts and wads of money being thrown into the air to celebrate the end of school, for good grades and graduation. I usually celebrate with smiles, hugs, and pats on the back. For … Continue reading School Days, Sharp and Ready

What’s your name again?

My ability to hold names inside my brain has reached its maximum capacity. I may recognize you, but it's likely I won't remember your actual name. If I make an attempt to call you by your name, there's a high probability that I will get it wrong. I will call you "Lisa" when your real … Continue reading What’s your name again?

To Shoe or Not to Shoe? – Friday Fictioneers – 12/13/13

It's time for the Friday Fictioneers, hosted by our wonderful host, Queen Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Thanks to Adam Ickes for the photo. Please read other fine stories from the Fictioneers here. Genre: General Fiction (100 words) Copyright – Adam Ickes To Shoe or Not to Shoe? Animals don't wear shoes, mom. Why do we? We wear … Continue reading To Shoe or Not to Shoe? – Friday Fictioneers – 12/13/13

Mary Poppins, You Got Nothing On Me

Birthday parties. We've thrown them, we've been invited. Being a parent for over a decade, my kids have attended dozens (hundreds?) of birthday parties. I don't mean to sound ungrateful. Everyone is happy celebrating their special day. Everything was simple back in the day. Growing up in a family of six kids with a pack … Continue reading Mary Poppins, You Got Nothing On Me