In the Words of a Child (June 2013)

This weekend we had temperatures breaking all the records. It was as hot as 111 degrees today. When I walked outside, I felt like I was cooking. At a time like this, it's even too hot to eat. Kids, it looks like we're having popsicles for dinner. It's been some time since I wrote about … Continue reading In the Words of a Child (June 2013)

Movies with Grandpa

The day we finally have a decent television is also the first time that we have eliminated cable. Show of hands now if you think it's absolutely ridiculous what the cable company charges and gets away with. "Enough," we said.What this means in reality is that we have Netflix for movies and for old television … Continue reading Movies with Grandpa

They Can’t Take My Kiss Away

Last week at my sons' elementary school, a teacher informed me I could not stand in front of my child's classroom before school during the drop off. "No parents in the corridor," exclaimed the teacher in my general direction. Really? Am I the enemy now? Throughout the year, I have let of number of things … Continue reading They Can’t Take My Kiss Away

Post of the Week – Shalavee

The bond between a mother and her newborn is magical. There's nothing quite like it. Having a newborn is hard, of course, being sleep deprived and on call 24/7. It is also a special time that's so fleeting. We have to remind ourselves to savor every precious moment. Reading Shalagh's post brought it all back … Continue reading Post of the Week – Shalavee

Gone Mental for Dental

The dentist displeases me. Translation: Fuck, I hate the dentist. You must understand, I typically feel scolded like a misguided child when I'm at the dentist. Have you been flossing? Well, maybe I better look at your flossing technique. Are you scraping between each tooth? Uh, scraping, well, uh, of course, I'm scraping. Who doesn't … Continue reading Gone Mental for Dental

Violent Sugar and Video Games, Now Add Water

Come in, dear listeners. Have I got some treats for you today. If you're really good, you can have three in one sitting. But see how generous I really am. I give you permission to laugh at my expense, or maybe you'll just want to cry. If you don't have kids, you may telling yourself … Continue reading Violent Sugar and Video Games, Now Add Water

Double Feature Post of the Week – It’s Perfect

When I read these two posts, which I'm about to share, it reminded me of a college roommate who said to me, "You're perfect right now." I laughed at him, and then I scowled, "No, I'm not. Why would you say such a thing? Certainly, I'm flawed." "Yes," he said, "but it is your flaws … Continue reading Double Feature Post of the Week – It’s Perfect