Tidbit Thursday or Fantasy Friday, You Choose

Is is Friday yet where you are? It must be somewhere, or it's close. Here it's just run of the mill Thursday. Here's my lovely day, in a nutshell: Have you ever poured yourself three cups of coffee? I mean, not all at once, but by accident. I guess you really needed that cup of … Continue reading Tidbit Thursday or Fantasy Friday, You Choose

Modern Day Candies with My Sweetheart

Yesterday, my Monday got off to a rocky start. It began with no heat because last night the heater just decided to quit, which happened to occur on one of California's coldest nights on record. (I'll have to check that. Whatever.) It was a mere 28 degrees last night, that's below freezing. Yeah, I know … Continue reading Modern Day Candies with My Sweetheart

Child’s Play

As a kid I spent a lot of time in our backyard pool during the summer. I was a fish, and it was our summertime fun, my family not having the resources for expensive vacations. Although back then, a family with six children could go the Disneyland. Now you would probably need a second mortgage … Continue reading Child’s Play

In the Words of a Child (July – October 2012)

I will admit my brain is a little fried and my house is a complete mess. Just today, when I thought I got the house under control, my kids had friends over and they destroyed the place. What are they thinking? Well, here are a few thoughts of my two sons over the past couple … Continue reading In the Words of a Child (July – October 2012)

It Comes Full Circle

I decided my new mission in life is be less self-absorbed.  I came to this conclusion after I lectured my two children for not wanting to visit my dad, their grandpa. Their indifference had nothing to do with their grandpa and everything to do with the fact that they can't sit still for more two … Continue reading It Comes Full Circle

We’ll just lock the doors

When  I picked up my son yesterday from elementary school I learned that the school had been under  a lockdown.  The police were pursuing a suspect in the neighborhood close to the school.  I believe it was a custody dispute. There was a possibility that he was armed. The school followed protocol and everything worked … Continue reading We’ll just lock the doors

Excuse me, I seem to have lost my mind

This post is meant neither to inspire, inform, or entertain. It's the dog days of summer and my mind has gone missing. Really, I mean my younger son S. is obsessed with string, tying it into knots. Several times over today he's asked me to tie string around a Lego piece that is attached to … Continue reading Excuse me, I seem to have lost my mind