Dancing with my Hair Down

When I was small, I danced for hours in the foyer of my house. Most of the house was carpeted, including the kitchen and two bathrooms, but not in this white square speckled with black dots. It was years before tile would replace some of that carpet. In the meantime, that 12 x 12 square feet of … Continue reading Dancing with my Hair Down

The Phantom – Friday Fictioneers – 10/11/13

It's time for Friday Fictioneers. Thank you Rochelle for hosting. My contribution follows. Copyright - Sandra Crook Le Phantom  "Stage left, Nellie. Left," the director slammed his clipboard. Nellie knocked into a dancer, whose face soured on impact. "I was trying to avoid the cat who wandered on stage? Didn't you see?" "I don't care if … Continue reading The Phantom – Friday Fictioneers – 10/11/13

Write Like No One Is Reading

My seven-year-old son, Skyler, has a behavioral chart at school. The main obstacle to achieving four stickers, the highest level of success, has been narrowed down to mostly one thing, completing his journal. He either doesn't write in the journal or doesn't read the journal out loud to the class when requested. I've felt bewildered … Continue reading Write Like No One Is Reading