A Walk Down Memory Layne

  “Go to the Crush much?” "Much" came out "mush," because her mouth felt like cotton. Tessa’s attempt to bolster her impression rapidly declined. She had already fallen flat, literally, and flatter still. “Uh, no,” Layne said. He didn’t seem deterred; a smile still lingered on his face. He looked more puzzled than anything. His … Continue reading A Walk Down Memory Layne

Olympics, I’ve Gone Color-Blind

I've tolerated the pink wash of the gymnastics arena. I'll admit in the heat of the women's competition the other night, I was revved up by all the pink. I could barely make out the gymnasts in their red, or was it pink, leotards. That's okay, too. I'm good at squinting. But when they were … Continue reading Olympics, I’ve Gone Color-Blind

Olympics: Pink is Your Color

Pink, pink. What's wrong with pink? Sounds like you got a pink kink in your think. - The Great American Jackalope in Boundin, a Pixar Short This quote came to mind while watching the Olympics today. While pink is the predominant color, purple and orange also serve as highlights. I understand the organizers have planted orange, … Continue reading Olympics: Pink is Your Color