Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O

For this week’s challenge, share a photo that features H2O; the element of water.

I love the early morning fog. I think it was more foggy on this morning than what you see here, but I hope you get the idea.



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Just because. . .

I am writing a post about nothing in particular, just because. . .

Just because I never do, and it’s my turn.

And just because, I want to tell you that my heart is in it, but my spirit is weak.

In my research about “hacking,” I discovered that, in fact, I have been hacked. Every time I turn on computer, I have a new virus. At this point, I’m afraid to touch my computer, much less turn it on. When I use a computer now, I do so, ahem, at an undisclosed location. That’s where I am now.

But just because I am weakened by technology, does mean that I can’t enjoy your posts. I’ve been able to accomplish this by using other devices, i.e., smart phone and the trusty iPad, when it is available. I’ve learned that I detest things that are small…small screens, small typeface, small keys….Just because, well they’re annoying.

I’ve tried to rely on Siri, to talk to her to see if she can type my comments. The other day, I made this shopping list on my phone:

I said: 
Peanut butter

She typed:
You Know Better

What is this? Some kind of code, Siri? Seems favorable enough, she kinda sorta seems to be on my side. But I don’t trust her, and besides, she got it all wrong. I discovered I miss typing, and just get further annoyed. I am annoyed that I am annoyed by a talking gadget.

It’s all fair, since I am annoying complete strangers, just because the transmission on my car is obviously dying and I get the look of death from people as they pass me, on the right. I give them the stare of “do or die trying.” It’s a win-win.

Just because we are all annoyed, well, this does not preclude me from enjoying these moments:

The beautiful hydrangeas.

This should be one color, but still beautiful. Something about the acid in the soil...
Glorious hydrangeas.

The conclusion that kitty can’t tell the difference between the ground and the roof…until it’s too late.

It was YOUR choice to go up there.
Yes Lucky, it was YOUR choice to go up there.
Lucky kitty, not so Lucky. Yes, you are on the roof.
Lucky, not so lucky. Yeah, that’s the ground down there.

A cool beverage. I’m not one for product placement, but the Green Matcha Tea Freedo with Raspberry flavoring with Whipped Cream from Peets Coffee & Tea is quite refreshing. Don’t let the green color scare you.

That's a Matcha Tea Freedo with hint of raspberry and loaded with whipped cream. It was so good, I almost forgot to snap a photo.
That’s a Matcha Tea Freedo with hint of raspberry and loaded with whipped cream. It was so good, I almost forgot to snap a photo.

And, of course, the pool deck. I will be spending lots of time here, watching my son’s water polo.

Don’t forget the sunscreen and a hat.

Just because. . .it’s summer! Stay cool!

Happy Summer to you! 😎


Freshly Pressed and Happy

I am Freshly Pressed!

I’m pressed and happy!

I’m happy and fresh!

(Music erupts in the background with drums and singing.) Oh, excuse me, I’m just doing my happy dance. In case you missed it, I was Freshly Pressed. Blogging friends, it was as if I took a happy pill! I’m not bragging. Me? No, no. I want to share my happiness with you. I was…

        running with butterflies…

Sitting, too. All that running…It’s good to sit.

swimming with dolphins…

What could be better?

I was a badaass and ran the pool table. I just wanted to be able to say that. I suck at pool.

Oh, not me. But she could be badass, yes?

My new favorite color is orange. I’m  going to paint my walls orange. Okay, maybe this is a bit much. My son has orange walls; I’ll just sit in his room to get to my happy place. I could stencil in stars and bubble boxes. I don’t think he’ll mind.

Can you tell I liked it?

It was my lovely balloons that did it!  What could go wrong? Magical and mystical hot air balloons give us hope. They inspire bucket lists. I now have a bucket list and I am going to fly IN a hot air balloon. See, you never know what a post will inspire.

Fellow bloggers were soooo nice. I felt like I was on another planet, not that bloggers aren’t usually cordial. It’s cool you get to meet people it might take you years to meet otherwise.

For those who have followed me, welcome! I am thrilled that you’re here. But pst…just so you know…I’m not really a photographer. For the record. I just want to make sure you know what you’re getting into. I took those balloon photos with a simple Canon Powershot. I just pointed and clicked. It was hard not to capture these balloons. They were explosions of color, BIG, and if and when they moved, moved slowly. Floated really. I did have some exquisite lighting, which by the way, was managed by my attendance in the predawn darkness. See the sacrifice? But so worth it. Apparently!

There I am in my first spot (top far left). The first appearance is thrilling.

My moment in the spotlight (about 2 days) is fading, as I am in my last slot before I’m booted. And then, poof. The lights go out and it gets quiet. Really fast. But it sure was a lot of fun while it lasted!

Blogging friends, for those of you who want to be Freshly Pressed…just Fuhgeddaboudit! What I mean is this. Just do what you do, and when it’s NOT on your radar, it will fall in your lap…or in your IN BOX. I hope so!

photo credit: ♣ Aria [AFK] ♣ via photopin cc,
photo credit: dkodigital via photopin cc
photo credit: TinyTall via photopin cc

Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

While this photo may not fulfill this week’s photo challenge, I see a Merge here.
Or, at the very least, a reason for me to post a photo.

Here’s to the last lingering days of summer.