Post of the Week – Vanessa-Jane Chapman

Vanessa-Jane Chapman, I’ll put this as simply as I can. You have inspired me with your Not So Inspirational Quotes post. I’m not sure exactly what it is….I, uh, can’t quite put my finger on it. Oh, I know. It’s the quote thingys, those things that are sucking up the last of my brain cells

Dear readers, do you remember when you had tucked inside your little memory bank at least 30 phone numbers? That’s right. I could rattle off a phone number in an instant. The Millennials out there don’t even know what I’m talking about, am I right?

Enough of that for now, how’s your kitty today? Because this is important, too. Mine is scowling at me. Oh, and she’s eating some more. Yours is sleeping with you while you watch T.V. Splendid! Who doesn’t like cats? I mean you can never look at too many. (I’m actually a big cat lover.)

You don’t have a cat you say? Why not read a quote instead? It will make you positively glow inside. No? You’re looking a little sick. Would you like to throw up?  Try this one…

Your heart is the gift of life and a candle lights our journey in friendship, as we celebrate yesterday, tomorrow, and today with happiness and love.

Cue sunset.

Vanessa, how did I do? That was slightly invigorating.

Just read Vanessa’s post. She’s the one with talent. Oh, and she has a bucket for you if you should need one.

Not So Inspirational Quotes

Post of the Week – Shalavee

The bond between a mother and her newborn is magical. There’s nothing quite like it. Having a newborn is hard, of course, being sleep deprived and on call 24/7. It is also a special time that’s so fleeting. We have to remind ourselves to savor every precious moment.

Reading Shalagh’s post brought it all back to me. Shalagh captures the joy of breastfeeding her child, breathing in her child’s smells, sounds, and movements beautifully in her poem to her daughter Fiona, who is now and a month a week. I remember marveling at my babies’ hands. I was just kind of awestruck by them.

Thank you for sharing this Shalagh. Enjoy this celebration of her little bundle of joy in Fiona’s Butterfly Hands.

Post of the Week – Bring Me the Head of David Dixon

Step into the peculiar. You’ll never look back.

The blog of Bring Me the Head of David Dixon always dazzles. Sometimes, I find the words unpredictable; they surprise me and catch me off guard.

But David Dixon, you had me at…your searching eyes.

If you haven’t been turned on to David Dixon, you should be. This is my kind deed for the day. Enjoy….not a thing.

Post of the Week – Zebra Garden

When I read this post by Ashley Austrew at Zebra Garden I realized while we as women have come a long way, we still have much further to go. We take three steps forward, and then are pushed four steps back. As women, we need to keep talking. Ashley also discusses marriage equality and HIV.

This post, Things That Make My Vagina Cry, deserves your attention. Let the conversation continue.

Post of the Week – Bill McMorrow

Ah, are you feeling the loss of that hour yet? Are you still trying to it get back? Is your entire week now thrown off? Will you be scrambling to try to feel whole again?

May I suggest a bike ride? Spring is in the air…can you feel it? There. There it is. I can’t think of a better time than to just hop on that bicycle and go for a ride.

That reminds me, I need to get my bike fixed…

When I read Bill McMorrow, I can’t help but recall memories from my past, memories that for whatever reason, are distant and buried. His posts have this power to draw them out, his words both clever and true channeling through me. My memories reveal themselves as a whisper in my ear, “See, we’re still here.”

Reading Bill’s post about his childhood Huffy, I thought about my own experience which I can laugh about now. My family was so poor we didn’t have bikes. But while my parents’ friends were on a vacation, we borrowed their bikes. No, we didn’t steal them. I had one week, and one week only, to learn how to ride a bike, and you can forget the training wheels. And I did it! I only remember wanting it so bad.

You may find it surprising that I later went to UC Santa Barbara where the bicycle was the mode of transportation numero uno! I’m not exaggerating when I say there was an intersection on campus where, during the busiest part of a day, 20 to 30 bikes would converge in the center for a big CRASH!! On a good day, I got a few bruises and scrapes. On a bad day, my bike was pretty messed up. I would always tense up before arriving at this spot; but even if I crashed, I thought to myself, it wasn’t my fault. No, no…it wasn’t because I couldn’t ride a bike. That intersection was insane.

Never mind the spill I took on the asphalt, all by lonesome, in front of the guy I was in love with. Did he rush to my aid? No, he did not. Jerk! Loser! See, I feel better. And stop laughing.

But Bill’s crash, I won’t spoil it for you…It is not to be missed. I wonder what memories will surface for you. Enjoy.

Bill McMorrow: A Tale Of A Boy And His Bike

Post of the Week – Becky Says Things

I followed Becky many moons ago. I can’t really say when, maybe it’s three months, maybe four, which is like years in blogging time. Dunno. What’s important is that I’ve been reunited with her via a Facebook link for which I am grateful.

I am certain that if I were to be in the presence of Becky talking, I would not be staring at my watch (even though I don’t really own a watch). Rather, my stomach would be aching with uncontrollable fits of laughter, which I would do my best to contain lest I miss of word of what she says.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss a word. Check out Becky’s post at Becky Says Things:

Becky says things about … verbal diarrhoea

Post of the Week – 1800ukillme

Winter ends March 21st, so we now have less than a month left before spring. While lately I see flowers blooming all around me, I can still feel winter in the air. That’s winter in California. It’s very rare for snow to fall on the ground here unless you’re in the mountains. The last time it snowed at my house was about nine years ago. I know, you’re thinking poor baby.

Look, we already have pink trees. I know you may find this hard to believe, but I’m not ready for the pink trees yet. Every year, they come so fast and turn to red leaves before I have time to take a picture. At least, I got one this year.

pink treesIn the meantime, I can appreciate a crisp day with gray skies; a day that encourages walking, thinking, pondering and reflecting.

Sandee captures the mood beautifully in her post, Gothic Days.  Enjoy your last days of winter. Perhaps, you’ll want to take a walk.