Post of the Week – Moments with Millie

I’m always inspired by Moments with Millie. This moment with Millie reminded me of a scene straight out of a book or a movie.

Have you ever left a letter for someone, but was caught leaving it? The person then grills you about what you wrote in the letter, and you’re thinking…no, I wrote this to be read, not discussed…just read it why don’t you?

Millie’s post is about a human exchange between two strangers. While is might be easier to run and hide in such a situation, Millie acknowledges the recipient of her note. This takes courage. An exchange with an unknown person can be daunting, threatening even, and the conversation unpredictable. But it can also be a wonderful, insightful exchange, which you would not experience unless you take the chance.

Thanks for taking the chance and for sharing it with us, Millie. And another Happy Birthday hug, young lady! Read about her exchange here in I Got Caught.

Double Feature Post of the Week – It’s Perfect

When I read these two posts, which I’m about to share, it reminded me of a college roommate who said to me, “You’re perfect right now.”

I laughed at him, and then I scowled, “No, I’m not. Why would you say such a thing? Certainly, I’m flawed.”

“Yes,” he said, “but it is your flaws which make you perfect, Amy. You are perfect because you could be no one else.”

In the meantime, I was making plenty of mistakes, and my life was far from perfect. I had aspirations and dreams that needed fulfilling. I lived in a closet, for crying out loud. Yes, I did. I had six roommates, and it was the only way I could be alone. My little room had a skylight, and I could climb onto the roof and see the ocean. Okay, maybe that was a little slice of perfect.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and I was in turmoil when my son’s book report was not going according to plan. His report on an animal, to be done in the shape of the animal he chose to write about (really?) and include hand drawn illustrations, was a disaster! The printer cut off his words and the space was too small for his illustrations.

My son took one look at it and said, “Oh, we just cross the words out, and rewrite it above in pencil, and there’s plenty of room for pictures.” Whew! I know this a little pathetic here on my part. This was really about me and what I expected, and had nothing to do with his reality whatsoever.

I’ll admit that I am an idealist. This sometimes gets me into trouble. As I read these posts, I think about how I’ve slowly been shedding the need for the ideal. I’ve realized that the idea of the perfect situation is typically only what you see and value in your limited perspective. It may not be the best situation for you in your present circumstances at all, especially when it may not take into consideration the lives of people around you.

It doesn’t matter anyway, because that perfect situation that you have so clearly envisioned in your mind usually is not the one that you are in. For me, it’s about finding peace within yourself, and then you can handle life’s curve balls thrown at you.

Without further ado, I really enjoyed the wisdom of these bloggers on the topic of perfection. I thought these posts complemented each other so well, I couldn’t resist putting them together. Ladies, I hope you don’t mind!

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