Expect a Three-week Debrief

My sister said to me the other day, "I just want to know where Dad is." I still feel like I can call him and visit him down the street. He's definitely not there. I could consult religious texts about this question of where one goes after life. Heaven, I hope. With an online search, I … Continue reading Expect a Three-week Debrief

A Caroling We Will Go

Tis the season for caroling. Singing together in joy and attempted harmony.  I grew up with this idea, singing alongside my brothers and sisters. Two neighboring Catholic families joined together. Our family of six kids, plus theirs, ten kids strong. A gathering filled up our houses, especially if spouses and friends joined in, which happened … Continue reading A Caroling We Will Go

The Pope Has Left the Building

The Pope has left the building....and he will not be returning. Do you copy? Copy that. He will not be returning. I listened to a story last week on NPR and this was the main thrust of their story, that the Pope was exiting the building and not returning. But now...with the latest news, they … Continue reading The Pope Has Left the Building