Complete Disclosure – Friday Fictioneers

Fish stink pervaded our walk on the pier. After our ice cream cones, we aired our secrets. Katie had shared juicy morsels; first kiss, first lay, first fire, even though she told everyone she quit. My news dimmed in comparison, worthy of my mother's Sunday knit club. Today her expression was of such anguish, I feared she'd murdered someone. … Continue reading Complete Disclosure – Friday Fictioneers

Mama’s Final Test – Friday Fictioneers

"What's the big deal?" Loretta struck a tango pose. "Alone," Tony said, dipping Loretta. "You must cook for my mother. She'll watch." Her final test. "Teach me everything. We'll rehearse." They shopped for fresh herbs, heirloom tomatoes, and a red wine to pair with the chosen dish: Spaghetti alla Matriciana. "A family recipe, Tony?" "I have faith in you." They spun … Continue reading Mama’s Final Test – Friday Fictioneers

Pass the Salt

I left Shelly alone in my apartment. She was listless and cold to the touch. I had no choice. I needed to get back to my job and I left her lying on the couch with a blanket wrapped around her. This is how I thought I would find her when I returned. Instead she's … Continue reading Pass the Salt