A Wild Cackling

Previous parts of the story are here: Knock Knock Who's There? Knock it off Clang Clang As always, thanks for reading. Please excuse any typos. This part will close Chapter 1. *********************************** There was no choice but to participate in this charade. Kate had grown accustomed to superficial band aids, the family movie night required suffering … Continue reading A Wild Cackling

Knock it off

The first two parts are here: Part 1: Knock Knock?  Part 2: Who's There? ************************************************* What do you mean it’s a dead-end?” cried her sister, who now more than ever wanted an exit when just seconds ago her life depended upon staying put. “I mean it won’t open,” Kate said, standing up. She tried it again … Continue reading Knock it off

That Seat is Taken – Friday Fictioneers

Mother arrived late, and brought a friend dressed in a funny hat. They found Izzy sitting at a table with two extra chairs; alone, drinking tea. "That seat is taken, Mother," Izzy said, glaring. "How about this one?" Mother asked, motioning towards another table. "Agatha will be upset if I leave her. We're having tea now." … Continue reading That Seat is Taken – Friday Fictioneers