Buried – Friday Fictioneers

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers, where writers attempt to write a 100-word story based on a photo prompt. Many thanks to the talented author and artist Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting our group each week. Also a big thank you to Connie Gayer, aka Mrs. Russell, for contributing the photo this week. I had some difficulty coming up … Continue reading Buried – Friday Fictioneers

Complete Disclosure – Friday Fictioneers

Fish stink pervaded our walk on the pier. After our ice cream cones, we aired our secrets. Katie had shared juicy morsels; first kiss, first lay, first fire, even though she told everyone she quit. My news dimmed in comparison, worthy of my mother's Sunday knit club. Today her expression was of such anguish, I feared she'd murdered someone. … Continue reading Complete Disclosure – Friday Fictioneers

Only the Walls – Friday Fictioneers

"I know your father. He comes in here like a cyclone," said Uncle Bobby, eyeing the boy. Jordan popped ice cubes into a glass, and filled it with water. He had built a fortress around him, impenetrable to the smell of his father, locking the doors before he heard footsteps outside. If his mother so much as heard … Continue reading Only the Walls – Friday Fictioneers

The Forest of Tempered Secrets – Friday Fictioneers

 The Forest of Tempered Secrets Eli braced his arm across Freya's stomach, much the way their father did when danger surfaced. Freya halted before a contorted lot of trees covered with moss, their branches a maze of wooden tendrils strangling each other. Dead branches in pain. "Don't move. It's the Forest of Tempered Secrets," Eli said. "You must give them up. Otherwise...." He pointed. Freya's expression … Continue reading The Forest of Tempered Secrets – Friday Fictioneers