Their Last Supper

Missy met Daniel at a park while escaping a Frisbee flung at her head. Daniel fled to her side to apologize. His best friend Ace had lobbed it in her direction by accident. Missy glanced over Daniel’s shoulder to see this friend, in his bare-chested attire, waving at them. But Daniel was in no hurry. … Continue reading Their Last Supper

She turned her wheel looking at me in my rearview mirror. What did she expect me to do? Who made eye contact for Christ’s sake? Doesn’t eye contact mean anything to anyone any more? Bitch. My hands shook while I poured my coffee. Fucking bitch. I burnt my toast. My stomach grumbled. Fucking, self-serving bitch. Did she … Continue reading

News at Your Fingertips

I enjoy The Huffington Post and usually explore the headlines on my smartphone. Many of my blogging friends have had articles published on the HuffPo, and when that happens it's a truly special day. Celebrities are in my midst, mind you, celebrities who will talk to me. Special, like I said. But on a typical day, I attempt … Continue reading News at Your Fingertips

Potions of Love, Wandering Minds

Dear Reader: Previous installments of this continuing story are here.  Part 1: Tessa Takes a Walk in Her Party Boots Part 2: The Man in the Fedora Hat Part 3: Tessa is a Messa Part 4: Joelle Meets the Guy from Last Night Part 5: A Walk Down Memory Layne Part 6: Hacking with James Part 7: Ain't Nothing Like the … Continue reading Potions of Love, Wandering Minds

Once, I lived in Isla Vista

As a college student I never would have believed that a mass shooting in Isla Vista would prompt me to write this post. Of course, we had no social media back then. UCSB is my alma mater and I lived in Isla Vista, or IV as we called it, for three years as an undergraduate. … Continue reading Once, I lived in Isla Vista

A Walk Down Memory Layne

  “Go to the Crush much?” "Much" came out "mush," because her mouth felt like cotton. Tessa’s attempt to bolster her impression rapidly declined. She had already fallen flat, literally, and flatter still. “Uh, no,” Layne said. He didn’t seem deterred; a smile still lingered on his face. He looked more puzzled than anything. His … Continue reading A Walk Down Memory Layne

Joelle Meets the Guy from Last Night

Joelle’s bold attempt at cheerfulness assumed the look of a constipated mannequin, only she had a jacket at her feet and a warm body squirming underneath it. The guy with the baseball cap nosed around the store, pausing at the intersection of each aisle, looking left to right. “He’s coming this way,” Joelle reported, although … Continue reading Joelle Meets the Guy from Last Night