Tessa is a Messa

A light tap on her shoulder and a blowing in her ear brought Tessa back to reality. It was Joelle Robbins, her smooth customer of a roommate. Tessa liked to think of her as her sidekick in times of desperation. Really, she was her savior, and today was no exception. “What’s this?” Joelle grabbed the … Continue reading Tessa is a Messa

Post of the Week: Alice at Wonderland

Last week after my post about boobs, Alice said to me, and I quote, "Boobies are nothin’ without hoo-has." Alice...You. Complete. Me. For this reason, Alice at Wonderland's You can learn so much from Cosmo is my featured Post of the Week. I know she's conspiring with that Mad Hatter fellow, and I'm sure Squirrel … Continue reading Post of the Week: Alice at Wonderland

Modern Day Candies with My Sweetheart

Yesterday, my Monday got off to a rocky start. It began with no heat because last night the heater just decided to quit, which happened to occur on one of California's coldest nights on record. (I'll have to check that. Whatever.) It was a mere 28 degrees last night, that's below freezing. Yeah, I know … Continue reading Modern Day Candies with My Sweetheart

My Unofficial Awards Ceremony

Welcome to my Unofficial Awards Ceremony of 2012, unofficial because there will be no rules and no awards. And, guess what? This just happens to be my 100th post!  I say it's time to have a party. We'll have cake This cake comes to you courtesy of Sandee. I hope she doesn't mind...I simply can't … Continue reading My Unofficial Awards Ceremony