School Days, Sharp and Ready

My newly appointed middle-schooler asked me if he could have $50 as a going-to-school present. Excuse me? Is this the latest? I've heard of gifts and wads of money being thrown into the air to celebrate the end of school, for good grades and graduation. I usually celebrate with smiles, hugs, and pats on the back. For … Continue reading School Days, Sharp and Ready

Confetti Cake and My Inefficient Blogging Habits

Nothing says impromptu like buying fluffy socks at the grocery store. It just puts me in the mood to buy sandwich bags, milk, etc. Oh. Are you waiting for meaningful content? Well, how about this?... This is my 200th blog post!!!! I just threw my own surprise party there. Did you see how I did … Continue reading Confetti Cake and My Inefficient Blogging Habits

All Because of a Dress – Friday Fictioneers – 09/20/13

It's time for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Today's photo is courtesy of John Nixon. Thanks Rochelle for all your gracious time. You'll find more stories from the Fictioneers here. Genre: General Fiction (100) Copyright - John Nixon All Because of A Dress Every Sunday, George and Trudy scouted thrift stores for knickknacks. George … Continue reading All Because of a Dress – Friday Fictioneers – 09/20/13

Do You Want a Little Smackerel of Something?

How about a cracker? Sometimes it's the only thing you need, the only thing that will satisfy. You may have your heart set on a certain kind of cracker or want to try something new. I can assure you the Cheez-It brand, baked snack cracker extraordinaire, hopes for the latter. Unless, of course, you are … Continue reading Do You Want a Little Smackerel of Something?

Chick Moments

I'm calling Chick Moments things that don't happen to guys. So guys, if I haven't already turned away, you might want to stay and have a peek into the inner workings of a chick moment. There's nothing wrong with getting in touch with your feminine side. Gals, you can let me know if any of … Continue reading Chick Moments

For My Sister

While helping my dad move over the weekend, I came across a poem my oldest sister had written years ago. Her poem was so powerful and it caught me off guard. It inspired me to write a poem of my own. Also many years ago, my little sister and I stayed with our big sister … Continue reading For My Sister

Stop the Madness!

I'd like to think of myself as a sensible, reasonable person. Not a whiner. Not a complainer. Don't think for one second I'm complaining. I just want my life to make sense. So, please explain this to me because it makes zero sense. Explain to me why I must pick out my swim suit in … Continue reading Stop the Madness!