Pink Lady Queen Blues

Lorna bought a pink fleece pants set at Macy’s. In fact, she wore it up to the register. Her tattered clothes were neatly folded, held tightly under her arm. The pants set was fun, on sale and pink. She simply couldn’t take it off. It was ballet pink. Not that obnoxious cotton candy or bubble … Continue reading Pink Lady Queen Blues

In Search of Masterpieces (part 2)

If you'd like to read the previous part of this scene, you can find it here. Thanks for reading. Two more steps and my body would have been a heap on the concrete floor. I inched across the platform, releasing the door from my sweaty fingers, and it slammed shut behind me. When I tried … Continue reading In Search of Masterpieces (part 2)

In Search of Masterpieces

A bit of fiction today. It's something I started and dropped a long time ago. Do you find it interesting? Want more? As always, thanks for reading. Jake tilted his head, staring at the painting of horses and fields of flowers, and drifted. I watched him walk away, and I let him. He could make his … Continue reading In Search of Masterpieces

Their Last Supper

Missy met Daniel at a park while escaping a Frisbee flung at her head. Daniel fled to her side to apologize. His best friend Ace had lobbed it in her direction by accident. Missy glanced over Daniel’s shoulder to see this friend, in his bare-chested attire, waving at them. But Daniel was in no hurry. … Continue reading Their Last Supper

She turned her wheel looking at me in my rearview mirror. What did she expect me to do? Who made eye contact for Christ’s sake? Doesn’t eye contact mean anything to anyone any more? Bitch. My hands shook while I poured my coffee. Fucking bitch. I burnt my toast. My stomach grumbled. Fucking, self-serving bitch. Did she … Continue reading

A Wild Cackling

Previous parts of the story are here: Knock Knock Who's There? Knock it off Clang Clang As always, thanks for reading. Please excuse any typos. This part will close Chapter 1. *********************************** There was no choice but to participate in this charade. Kate had grown accustomed to superficial band aids, the family movie night required suffering … Continue reading A Wild Cackling

Clang Clang

If you would like to read the previous parts to this story, here they are: Part 1: Knock Knock Part 2: Who's There? Part 3: Knock it off As always, thanks for reading! ************************************* "Dad is acting funny," Faye said, sniffling. Must be the dust in the room. Kate knew she wasn't crying. "Is it … Continue reading Clang Clang