The Hiders of the Tin – Friday Fictioneers

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. How exciting that my photo was chosen for today’s prompt. Thanks, Rochelle, for the honor of selecting my photo and for your dedication to this group.

Personally, I think storage units are strange, fascinating and a bit disturbing. This one gave me the creeps. But, I think generally storage units are places of transition, what we leave behind, can’t fit into our life, or simply don’t need or want. A lot of ideas about having stuff and what it all means came up for me, but it didn’t quite fit into a story and has nothing to do with what I came up with. 

In any case, I hope this photo inspired you.

Copyright Amy Reese
Copyright Amy Reese

(103 words)

Hiders of the Tin 

Marla hid in her storage unit. Like a visit with a sick relative, she never stayed long. Others hid, too. She had heard whispers, had felt their tears on her face. Usually, she left before that happened.

Her familiar brick of boxes was her refuge. She reached for her folding chair in the corner, but not before kicking a beat-up music box.

She picked it and said, “But this isn’t mine.” Quickly, she left to throw it away in a dumpster.

Returning home, she found the music box open on the table. A tiny dancer whirled to a creak of a song.


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Insufficient Backup Storage Error – Friday Fictioneers

It’s time for Friday Fictioneers, even when it’s Saturday. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting this group and to Kent Bonham for sharing his cool picture with us.

The challenge is to write a 100-word story based on the photo. My story follows.

PHOTO PROMPT © Kent Bonham

Genre: Humor (98 words)

Insufficient Backup Storage Error

“Have you ever noticed that things that are top secret are marked top secret in big, bold letters?” asked Charlie. For all he knew, Susie wasn’t even in the room until she threw a crumpled ball of paper at his head.

“Wise guy,” Susie said. “We found it buried in a cave. And it’s not marked top secret.”

“Some kid probably buried this mumbo jumbo a long time ago and now he’s in jail, dreaming about his book.”


“You assured me the code was stored in a secure location,” said Tim Cook. “What do you mean it’s missing?”



Tim Cook, of course, is Apple’s CEO. 

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Project Xcess – Friday Fictioneers

It’s time for Friday Fictioneers. Writers around the globe attempt to write a 100-word story based on a photo prompt.

Thanks to Claire Fuller for this week’s photo. I have a feeling it will bring about a whole array of stories this week. Claire is the author of Our Endless Numbered Days, an amazing book that will stay with you long after you’ve put it down. I highly recommend it!

Friday Fictioneers wouldn’t be possible without the leadership of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Thanks for all you do, Rochelle.

And now my story, set sometime in the future…

PHOTO PROMPT – © Claire Fuller

(100 words)

“I was told to come here,” said Oscar, presenting a wrinkled, half sheet of paper.

“Ah,” the man behind the glass said, pushing the paper back.

“Is my book here or not?”

“Hmm, dunno. If it goes inside the universal vault, the black hole will spit it out… somewhere. Information never vanishes. Don’t ask me what that means–”

“What about that other fluffy business…thingy?”

“The cloud? Impossibly full.”

The stuffy room was filled with blank stares, like an ER but without any visible injuries.

“Here’s your number. Wait time: 5 years, 3 months, and 11 days. My advice to you. Write another book.”


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