Gone Mental for Dental

The dentist displeases me. Translation: Fuck, I hate the dentist. You must understand, I typically feel scolded like a misguided child when I'm at the dentist. Have you been flossing? Well, maybe I better look at your flossing technique. Are you scraping between each tooth? Uh, scraping, well, uh, of course, I'm scraping. Who doesn't … Continue reading Gone Mental for Dental

The Second Tooth and the Cosmic Universe

My son's second tooth was going to come out at any hour, nay any minute, no second. Both his first tooth and second tooth may have well come out at the very same time. But this didn't happen. The loss of his first tooth unrolled in a sweet fashion, with the "Ah, your first tooth. … Continue reading The Second Tooth and the Cosmic Universe

First Tooth Lost

My six-year-old son lost his tooth last night. First one. His baby tooth. Pause. Quiet. He's really growing up now. I didn't think I would get sad over this tooth. I did cry at his kindergarten graduation after telling myself I wouldn't. Then I saw his teacher all teary-eyed and I thought, why is she … Continue reading First Tooth Lost