Giving Thanks: To You

If you’re reading this, I’m giving thanks to you. Yes, you!

Thanksgiving may be about a big feast, but more important is the people who join you at the table, and the people who are in your day-to-day life. I’m going on a bit of a hiatus to spend some solid time with my family. I feel more fortunate than ever to have the opportunity. Recently, my mother took a fall, a bad one. Let’s just say, for a few days, I thought I really lost her. Now that she is recovering, both mentally and physically, I feel that I have a second chance.

Wouldn’t you know it, my battery charger on my computer needs replacing and won’t be arriving in time before I leave. So, it seems that all is aligned for a week apart from you. Sob. I know for certain, I won’t be posting, but maybe I’ll get a chance to read a few.

I want to take a moment to thank you for the continuing support of my blog, and for the inspiration that you give to me each and every day. Really, truly, thank you. In the meantime, may I highlight a few treasures that I have read in the past few weeks:

Life’s a Journey: This Woman’s Work – from Jen Groeber: mama art. Reflective, personal, a journey about life, love, childhood, and motherhood. My heart melted many times, as I read, and her art is wonderful.

Reflections In Durham – from Michelle Gillies at SilkPurseProductions. A look at The Park of Reflections in Whitby, Ontario, Canada, a new memorial honoring all of Canada’s uniformed service personnel.

Friday’s Child is Full of Wow – from Shalagh Hogan at A reminder that sometimes we must push and give ourselves permission to be the creative people we need to be.

My Middle Child: You Are My Center – from Anka at Grit&Honey. A touching post about her middle child. No matter what the birth order, sometimes kids don’t know we do see them.

11 Fool-Proof Rules for Writing Fiction – from Trent at If you’re going to read any list of rules for fiction, you only need to read this one. Just make sure you wear a hat.

On Connections – from Frank at A Frank Angle. A wonderful, corroborative post with photographer Steve Ancik. Connections is what we’re all about here on the blogs.

And finally, 

The Saturday Six: Playing with Your Food – from the guys at Long Awkward Pause. They just get funnier and funnier. Plus this is about food, so you don’t want to miss this!


I laugh as I write this, since I’m sure no one needs to add to their reading lists. Still, I feel lucky to have read these, as well as many many others! Thank you all for making my world brighter.
Have a great week, and for those who celebrating Thanksgiving, have a wonderful holiday!

photo credit: Deiru via photopin cc


Follow-up on Tessa

I’d like to thank everyone who read my Tessa story, or any part of it. To all who liked, commented, or read it, even in secret, I’m grateful for every read. Special thanks to Carrie, Michelle, Jim, and Ralph who read every entry. You guys deserve a prize. I wish I had t-shirts or coffee mugs, or something! When I write my book (notice I said when, not if!), you will receive a free copy with my autograph. That’s if you want it!

I also want to extend thanks to my frequent readers: Sandee, J.D., Marina, Antonio, Dianne, Dawn, La La, Roy, Tom, Melanie, Frank, Virginia, Jackie, Trent, JWo, Guapo, Nan, Mark, David Dixon, David Stewert, Stephen, Chris, Russell, Ileana, Jen, JE Lattimer, and Mihran. I want to especially thank Mihran for the reblogs! I’m sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone. My eyes went a little buggy looking at the buttons, trying to figure this out. Just know that if you read it, I’m truly grateful. It was a long story, written over a great length of time, and I understand how difficult it is to read a continuing story on the blogs. So, yes, yes, I appreciate it, from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks for your comments, too. If I’ve thought about something over and over in my head, it’s difficult to know how it will read. What seems obvious to me may not make any sense to you. And anytime you are pulled out of story, even due to some small detail, well, that needs to get fixed. So, I appreciate all your thoughts.

Now for a bit of background on my story. Initially, my inspiration was a Fedora Man moment in true life, although he didn’t wear a fedora. It so happened I was at Ulta one day, when a man, who said he worked for Channel, whisked me back to a counter with moisturizers and proceeded to rub by fingers with lotions and serums. Yes! It happened. It was surreal.

A couple of entries into my story, I came across this article on Mashable, where it talks about this new field called Beauty Technology. The idea is that basic accessories, like fingernails, eyelashes and makeup are built in with electronic components, called wearable tech. And, it’s disguised. It goes on to describe it, as such:


While wearing the accessories, people can accomplish everyday actions like opening doors or flipping through TV channels by blinking their eyes or snapping their fingers.


Here’s a video demonstration. This is worth watching if only for the headpiece alone! Understand, the woman here is controlling her headpiece by blinking her eyes.

Here, another video from NewScientist, shows a few more tricks:


Wild, huh? Fascinating stuff. So, of course, I stretched it a bit to suggest this wearable tech could be weaponized. Remi/Ronald makes a failed attempt. I don’t want to see this ever happen, although I could definitely see it in a James Bond film, couldn’t you?

My next plan for Tessa is to give my story a name. I think I’m going to go with “Lash.” I hope that doesn’t give the story away. I have yet to read my story from beginning to end. I’m a little afraid, but when I do, and I’m sure it will get a round of edits.

After that, I plan to put it on WattPad. Plus, I get to put a cool cover on it! That’s all the reason to do it right there. So, a cleaner version will be out there, probably in chapter form. I’ll let you know when it is out there. Has anyone else used WattPad? Any thoughts or tips?

Lastly, I may serialize the characters of Tessa, Joelle, and James. I think of it as Chick Lit meets Sci-Fi, or should I say, actual technology that is really here but we don’t know it. I think it’s an untapped market, a new genre, perhaps. I think a lot of technology will be like this. It will be under our noses, and then it will be everywhere. Take camera drones, for example. Did you know that you could have a camera drone, too, and it doesn’t cost that much. Imagine a bunch of camera drones flying around in the sky.

Mostly, I wanted to explore the friendship between Tessa and Joelle, and life of a twenty-something woman in the twenty-first century. I think it’s a lot of different from what I experienced in my young adult life. It’s also meant to be humorous and light, and above all, I hope entertaining.

Thanks again for all your support.

Photo credit: Dicky Ma