Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

This week's photo challenge is Time. Guest photo challenge host Lignum Draco asks us to show him the time. Lignum Draco's photo is phenomenal. You can see it here. My offering below is, for me, a kind of zen moment in time. I consider myself time-challenged; a person who is constantly at odds with time, fighting … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

A Communication Tip for the Holidays and Beyond: “Me Time”

Have you ever been in a conversation where you were so busy formulating a response that you missed what the other person said altogether? Sometimes I think life happens this way; life as a conversation where we are only half-way committed, half-way listening. Many times we are so fixated on predicting what happens next that … Continue reading A Communication Tip for the Holidays and Beyond: “Me Time”


Here's my list for the Love/Hate challenge you may have seen going around the blogosphere. After reading Mark's list on his blog Exile on Pain Street, I felt this rush to write a list of my own and here it is. I wasn't tagged nor am I going to tag anyone, but if you want … Continue reading Love/Hate

Time Being – Friday Fictioneers

Zylan sat on his pillow in his breathable white cottons with eyes closed. "Time doesn't come and go. Time is here." "I need my keys." Monica tossed around yesterday's mail. "Can't you at least help me?" "Up. Down. Same thing." Monica humored herself thinking Zylan's pores dripped rainbows. "And I bet this seashell is still on the ocean … Continue reading Time Being – Friday Fictioneers

The Absence of Time

Time. It is a gift. I feel this way when we gain that meager hour with Daylight Savings. An hour you will give back...some gift. Still, when I get that extra hour I feel a lightness, a smile on my face, and I'm pinching myself all day with what time it really is. I purposely do … Continue reading The Absence of Time

Don’t Let It Pass You By

I imagine that if I got together at a party with my blogging friends in the real dimension, we would have a blast and all be fast friends. We would hit it off immediately with laughter and tears of joys. There would be no hang ups, no jealousies, no judgments, no cliques, as we already … Continue reading Don’t Let It Pass You By

New Year’s Resolutions: Run for the Bunny Hills

I think the reason we often do not succeed in accomplishing our New Year's resolutions is because we are asking ourselves to do the hard stuff. We are pushing ourselves to climb the mountain, often before we have even attempted a hill. I say let's just go for the little bunny hills. Come along. Why … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions: Run for the Bunny Hills