A Slipper Away – Friday Fictioneers

It's time for Friday Fictioneers. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting this group each week. I appreciate her dedication and her time. She's such an inspiration that no matter what, I try to write a story. I understand if you're unclear about this one. I like to think of it as a dark twist on … Continue reading A Slipper Away – Friday Fictioneers

Maze Rumors – Friday Fictioneers

 Maze Rumors Phillip clutched the sealed envelope, his summons to complete the maze. Except for the fog swirling around, it was a straight shot. "You do so at your peril," said one. "You'll disappear," rumored another. None of this tiptoeing through the garden tulips. He ran for it; grubby, little hands snatched at his ankles, and they … Continue reading Maze Rumors – Friday Fictioneers

A Vampire’s Lair – Friday Fictioneers – 03/21/14

A Vampire's Lair Henri and the elevator had a partnership, as far as it concerned the residents of 113 East 66th Street, with four dwellings on its three bottom floors, and one penthouse belonging to a Mr. Everitt. The occupants only knew of Everitt because of his misdelivered items in their mailboxes. Henri hand-delivered Everitt's … Continue reading A Vampire’s Lair – Friday Fictioneers – 03/21/14