Thanksgiving Quandries

For this year's Thanksgiving meal, I will responsible for cooking. This also includes planning. We all know that the secret to a successful Thanksgiving meal with numerous side dishes delivered to the table piping hot all at once is....more than one oven! Correct? But unless you live in a hotel or you're just lucky, you're like … Continue reading Thanksgiving Quandries

Sky Benders – Friday Fictioneers

Its good to be back to my Friday Fictioneers. I have a bit of fantasy for you today. Hope you like it. Thanks to Madison Woods for the photo and for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting. I hope she feels better real soon. All are welcome to participate. Why not write your own story? Here are … Continue reading Sky Benders – Friday Fictioneers

The Weather Talent – Friday Fictioneers

Today's forecast has been brought to you by All Things Electric. Scattered storms are anticipated from the mid-valley up to the lakes region this late afternoon into the early morning. Expect winds at breakneck speed and severe hail. Flying, hotheaded frogs and debris from parked cars, appliances and anything still lying around from previous events are possible. Although last week's massive … Continue reading The Weather Talent – Friday Fictioneers

Post of the Week – 1800ukillme

Winter ends March 21st, so we now have less than a month left before spring. While lately I see flowers blooming all around me, I can still feel winter in the air. That's winter in California. It's very rare for snow to fall on the ground here unless you're in the mountains. The last time … Continue reading Post of the Week – 1800ukillme