Boxed-In: Friday Fictioneers – 09/14/12

Good afternoon, Friday Fictioneers. My computer is still being repaired, so I have limited online access. I’m sorry if I am putting this out there kind of late. I am still in a kind of limbo. Perhaps this inspired today’s entry.

This week’s photo prompt of Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers challenge is courtesy of the talented Rochelle.

Image courtesy of Rochelle Wishoff- Fields

Boxed-In (100/100)

I awoke, wrestled from my dreams, to a light scratching at the door. A creaking and twisting of the doorknob beget a sudden jolt. Once. Twice. I heard a patter of footsteps in retreat.

Was that a child? Did I take his bed? The musty air muted my senses.

Turning on the lamp near my bedside, boxes stacked to the ceiling enclosed me in a cave. An immense spider skimmed the cardboard to her silk bed, arrested between two boxes.

Tireless pounding at the door ensued.  “I need to come in,” a voice shrieked.

The spider slipped into a box.