Celebrity Sightings: What Happens Next?

Fellow blogging friends, I’ve been experiencing a bout of the doldrums. I feel as though I am under some spell and I must lift myself out of it. What better way to do this than to play a little celebrity guessing game. It’s called:

Celebrity Sighting: What happens next?

This will NOT be about celebrities’ wardrobe malfunctions. Can’t they get their act together already, just zip it or button it up? If its’ too complicated then maybe they need a new outfit. I would assume they could manage to dress themselves properly or fire their stylist.

And, I’m sure we’ve heard enough about the Royals already…dear Kate, she’s beautiful, she’s thin, she’s so beautiful, oh, she’s too thin, she’s pregnant, she’s too thin to be pregnant…And Harry, poor Harry, now in rehab. I know you’ll never be king Harry, but this is no way to upstage Kate.

Hold on to your hats. It’s now time for our game. Now, this is about my own celebrity sightings, face-to-face in the flesh encounters. It’s not when celebrities are working or performing, but just in their normal everyday existence.

I once lived in Santa Barbara where many celebrities dwell. I know you’re jealous. I worked at a health food restaurant, a very casual place called, “The Main Squeeze.” Who walked in one day, but Kenny Loggins.

Perhaps, you’d like to listen to my favorite Kenny Loggins song while you cast your vote!


I will reveal the answer next week! I know until then you will be agonizing…