Post of the Week – Zebra Garden

When I read this post by Ashley Austrew at Zebra Garden I realized while we as women have come a long way, we still have much further to go. We take three steps forward, and then are pushed four steps back. As women, we need to keep talking. Ashley also discusses marriage equality and HIV. … Continue reading Post of the Week – Zebra Garden

There’s Nothing a Few Boob Jokes Can’t Cure

The subject today is boobs. I imagine I have your attention, or at least half of you. Ask any woman and I bet she has her own back story about her breasts. When I first wore a bra at the age of thirteen, it was really more a matter of principle than need. Even though … Continue reading There’s Nothing a Few Boob Jokes Can’t Cure

Chick Moments

I'm calling Chick Moments things that don't happen to guys. So guys, if I haven't already turned away, you might want to stay and have a peek into the inner workings of a chick moment. There's nothing wrong with getting in touch with your feminine side. Gals, you can let me know if any of … Continue reading Chick Moments