My startling discovery about those pesky comments

Oh, good. You're reading my post wherein I reveal a most startling discovery about comments...or at least, it's a theory. The other day, I was returning comments on my actual post, and I did not see the little arrow that indicates that my reply to you had been sent and accepted. Usually, I respond to … Continue reading My startling discovery about those pesky comments

Freshly Pressed and Happy

I am Freshly Pressed! I'm pressed and happy! I'm happy and fresh! (Music erupts in the background with drums and singing.) Oh, excuse me, I'm just doing my happy dance. In case you missed it, I was Freshly Pressed. Blogging friends, it was as if I took a happy pill! I'm not bragging. Me? No, … Continue reading Freshly Pressed and Happy

Blog Reflection #2

It's time for some reflecting. Readers, it's long overdue. My last "Reflection" post was at #10 and here we are at #30. I haven't been all together focused. Lately, I've been in a blog fog. I might as well be drinking beer and eating frosted flakes. I didn't say I was I doing that. No, … Continue reading Blog Reflection #2